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Poor Little Jasper

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A plate landed on Jasper, one of my little kitties last night and almost cut his tail off

He's in the vets today having it amputated, poor liddle thing, he's only 6 weeks old.

On the up side though, he was still running around as if nothing was wrong with him last night. We've also found a home for him at last, my friend feels sorry for him so is taking him on (along with the other two she's having)

Jasper's mum kept bringing him up to my bedroom last night, she must have wanted to keep him safe !

So keep your fingers crossed for me while he has his little op, I'm well worried !
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Oh no!!! bless him I hope he comes through this ok, which i'm sure he will, poor thing

When can you pick him up?
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tonight I think, I've got an appointment with the vet following the op so hopefully I should be able to pick him up then. I'm just going to call them now to see if he's ok.........
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Ok Carla, let us know as soon as you get back!
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Aw, the op went fine, he's just starting to wake up. I can't wait to Take him home ! poor little thing, I'll have to call him stumpy from now on !
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Oh bless his little heart!

Pleased it went well though
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Aaaww, little Stumpy! I'm so happy he's coming home soon! He'll be so happy to be back! How wonderful that he already has a loving family awaiting to welcome him into their hearts!
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Poor baby! I am glad to hear he is going to be ok.
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Ouch, poor little guy!

I had a dog with an amputated tail. It took some adjustment at first, but a pet can definitely be healthy without a tail. Jasper still has a strong chance at having a good life and thanks for taking him to the vet so things were done right.
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What a terriblevaccident! But my sister had a cat who lost her tail after a fight with a squirrel and she was fine for years after.
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well, 4 days after the op, and Jasper is fine. I think he know's that it's one less thing for his brothers to chew on - quite an advantage when you're a 6 week old kitten and fighting all the time !
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Glad to hear that Jasper is doing well! How much of his tail does he have left?
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