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Got a problem

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My sister-in-law has a male kitty, Wilson who is nearly 6 months old. Up until lately Wilson has had a litterbox and been an inside kitty. she wants him to go outside to do his business like her other cat Ziggy. Well, he doesn't seem to want to do that. She puts him out at regular intervals but he insists on pooping everywhere in her house, always in a different spot. He always holds his pee and does that outside. She's getting very upset at having to clean up poop all the time. By the way, he isn't ill and doesn't have worms. Any suggestions?
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Seems like a case of a confused kitty...

If you're absolutely positive that he has no health problems then I think that he's just not sure what to do... If he wants to be an inside cat, then let him...

Think of it this way, if for the first ten years of your life you were taught to use the bathroom, then all the sudden thrown out and expected to use the great outdoors, but only when it was convenient for someone else, wouldn't you get a bit confused????

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I agree I told her to bring back the litterbox (which he used with no problems whatsoever) and edge it closer and closer to the door. Then maybe finally put it on the steps outside, keeping the door open for him so he can get to it. Finally she could move the box down to the actual ground and eventually get rid of it entirely. Will that work? Shes contemplating getting rid of the cat if he continues to do what hes doing. Trust me, I've been teling her its not his fault, hopefully this will work, my hubby won't let me bring him home with me
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OMG!!! No offense, but your sis-in-law is a loon! Her poor cat had his toilet taken away and now the person who took it away is mad at him for not pottying appropriately!!!! Think of us people...if we HAVE to pee in the woods we'll do it, but how many of us want to poop outside? The same is likely true of the cat. He can do a quick whiz outside, but he needs to feel safe and comfortable when he has to stop and concentrate. Geez...tell your wacky relative to bring back the litter box!
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:LOL: Shes not really versed in the world of cats, I'm going to try to help her through this. She loves little Wilson, shes just doesn't understand cat behaviour.
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