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Eating changes.

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Ever since Grem was a kitten he has been very good with eating. Making what I give him last a day.

Now, at 2.5, he has decided to eat everything up much sooner leaving him with nothing for at least half a day (12 hours). He gets a little less then a cup a day of dry food. He is starting to get a little heavy (16+ lbs now).

Now my question is, is it okay that he has eaten up everything and that I wait until the next day for his next feeding? I'm not used to this and I always feel bad that he has nothing, but I do not want to over feed him. He is used to having food out all the time (when he was good at rationning his food lol).

I'm not sure what to do.
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I would split his feedings up into two - just take the amount you feed, I think you said about a cup - half in the am, half in the pm, and consider getting a treat ball - put a couple pieces of his food into it, and know he'll exercise himself working to get a little nibble
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If the weight becomes more of an issue you may want to consider switching to a light formula of the food you are feeding now.
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