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Kitty Poop loose and stinks.....HELP

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I have a 6mth old Kitty that I adopted from the shelter at 3mths of age. I took her to the vet and had her all checked out, feline lukemia (oops on spelling)worms all that. Also had her fixed. Well, her poops are just awful!!!! They are loose and really smell. When they first started I did take a sample (gross). It came back fine, no worms. The vet gave me some medicine to give her for 10 days which did help some but this was 2 mths ago. All she eats is Purina Kitten Chow. Any suggestions? She will run you out of the room!!!

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My kittens had really stinky poops when they ate Purina Kitten Chow too I gradually (over a period of a week) switched them over to Iams dry ktten Food. The poops are less smelly and they eat less Good luck with your furbaby, and kudos to you for having her spayed right away
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Is the Iams much more expensive? I am really on a tight budget but she also eats alot of the Kitten chow.

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Well, to compare the prices, it is more expensive. However, I was buying twice as much Purina as I am Iams, so it works out to about the same, plus Iams is way healthier for the kitties
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Food is usually an offender of stinky poop, but I would also get a sample back to the vet. It could be a few "bugs" other than roundworm or tapeworm.
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Yes, Iams is more expensive, but it is a much better quality food than the kitten chow, so your kitten should eat less, which means you'll buy it less frequently. It won't be any more expensive in the long run and better for your kitty.
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The food issue is working. I changed her to the Iams last week and she is almost fully on Iams and I have already noticed a change in texture, the smell is still there but I don't think as bad. Hopefully when she is fully on the Iams it will get better too!
Thanks for everybody's advise. Saved me a vet trip.

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