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My cat is too friendly!

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MY one year old white DMH spayed kitty is way too friendly to people who come over. She won't leave them alone! She will follow them around, play with their feet when they are sitting down, rub her head all over their clothes, jump on their laps, sit right between us, one time she even tried using the cleaning lady as a scratching post!

Surprisingly, she isn't like this at the vet's, she hisses at everybody there!

She is an indoor cat, and we have had her since she was about 4 weeks old. She has gotten alot of attention from us. She doesn't bother us, we love her, but she may bother others. She gets so exited when company comes over! Isn't this odd behavior for a cat? What should we do?
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My cat Tiger was something like that. If she got too friendly for someone we just put her in the other room. I guess it depends on who it bothers. Some cats are friendly like that I guess but I wouldnt say it's too unusual. I'm sure there is someone on here who can give you better advise but I've seen it before and that is how we handled it.
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Fred is a lot like that. He thinks anyone that visits is there to pet him. He gives everybody kitty loves, but not all our guests are very appreciative. He will sit down beside someone after a round of headbutts and litty loves. I think it so sweet.
Scooter will just find someone to cuddle up next to and beg for tummy rubs. He is shameless!
If the people visiting object, we will put them in the bedroom or just have them get down. They are pretty good about staying down. As long as no one pushes them hard or is mean to them, I usually just let them deal with the kitty visits.
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My answer to your question about what you should do regarding your kitty's friendly behavior: enjoy it!!! She sounds like a wonderful cat with a terrific personality. She's young, playful, and you've obviously helped make her feel so secure and happy that she's a very outgoing girl. The fact that she was very young (too young actually) when you got her may have something to do with the immediate attachment she feels for people.

I can understand why she's not her usual, friendly self at the vet, though. After all, there are tons of strange smells there, noise, and other frightened animals. No one is at their best when they're stressed, including our kitties.

If someone visits who for some reason is not happy with the attention your sweetie is giving him or her, do as MoochNNoodles recommended and temporarily put her in another room with some toys to keep her occupied.
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I appreciate the comments. I have started to put Sugar in another room if someone is bothered by her. I personally find it really cute and adorable. She IS very out going , and really likes people now that I think of it. My mother is not a cat person at all, she can't stand them actually, and when she has visited she always comments on how "weird" Sugar is , and how she acts like a dog o well.

Yes, we got her too young because they wanted to get rid of the litter. I used to have to wash her bum bum a couple of times a day back then because it wasn't solid yet, but she's always been a spunky lil kitty , and she quickly adjusted to the litter box and dry food! I guess if being too friendly is my only complaint we are all doing well!
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She sounds really sweet to me. I wouldn't suggest discouraging this behavior. I would put her in a closed room with everything she needs, and wait till your guests leave. Have you tried this? If so, how did it work out?
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Ellie always fusses over guests, as soon as they sit down. I just warn them that she may try to suck on them, and then determine from their faces whether I should remove her!
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Awwwww she sounds lovely! Sophies all over people who come to my house as well, but Rosies a little more quiet until she gets to know you.
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LOL. My cats immediately hide when anyone comes over.
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Mika is right in there checking them all over. Bijou hangs back until Mika has finished her business and then he checks them over and smells them. I know my friends and which ones it bothers so I will take appropriate action if necessary and remove them from the area.

I think it's wonderful that your cat is so friendly. I'd LOVE to visit you and get lots of cuddles (from your cat of course).
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