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Hyperactive cat?

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My new adopted cat is two years old. She plays with her toys nonstop from around 5 o'clock at night to around 10. Last night she played till 11:30. She walks from room to room in the house, she plays with the other cat till he poops out and she will bat her ball back and forth meowing for HOURS! She eats Innova dry food but is not a big eater. During the day, she does sleep, but she has periods where she walks around the house from room to room. Is this nonstop activity for hours normal? Any advice is appreciated.
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How long have you had your hyper kitty? It is possible that she is still adjusting from the adoption? Also, she is still a youngster, so some of that excess energy is due to having a lot of kitten in her (despite looking full grown).

Is she loosing weight or does she seem really thirsty or loosing hair or have any other symptoms of a medical problem? Sometimes really hyper behavior is caused by medical problems (like hyperthyroidism). However, my bet is that it is due to a combination of being in a new place and still having a lot of kitten in her.

Good luck with your wild child!
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I've had her for two months, but she was sick for the first two weeks with a URI. She does lose some clumps of hair but only when she is playing in her wild state. I think she pulls her belly fur out with her claws. If I brush her, her hair does not come out.
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It wouldn't hurt to have her checked by the vet. You might try just calling and describing the behavior and have the vet decide whether your wild child needs to come in.

My bet is that she is still adjusting to her new home. Give it a little more time and see what happens. -- We recently adopted an 8 year old into our multicat household...it has taken about six months for him to be truly at home in our house. Since your girl is so young, she will adapt much faster than my old guy did. Since it is still early in the adoption she is still working out being in her new place. With time she should mellow out a bit.

Good luck and visit often! Drop by the Lounge and introduce yourself to the rest of the Cat Site crew.
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