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Anyone know where I can find Sorrel?

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My first non cat question here...
But I am sure someone must know where Sorrel can be found...

It looks weedy, is used in soups and stews (I need it for a recipe for
a soup called Summaborscht which I fell in love with..its a dill-potato Mennonite soup)

Anyway, it kind of gives a sour spinachy flavour and looks like a weed herb
(kind of like fennel?) But I can't find it at Safeway or my small local grocer.

Anyone heard of it or know where I can get some??

Thanks so much!
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Do you have any local farmers markets, or farms near you? I know I can always find interesting stuff at our city-sponsored farmers market. Also, do you have any organic/health food grocery stores near? There is a grocery store chain in the US called "Wild Oats" where I've been able to find a lot of Chinese/Thai foods not carried in other grocery stores. Another place to look is in an ethnic grocery store.
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I never thought of an organic grocery store...I should look and see...
Has anyone else ever heard of this before? I know I have heard of it but just haven't seen it...and noone I know seems to have heard of it even though I live in an urban progressive area, I would think....
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Something that might be a suitable alternative if you can't track down sorrel (I used to grow it in my garden - I got the nursery plant from the herb section in a large nursery) is to use 'wood sorrel'. It grows almost everywhere as a weed - it looks like clover except the leaves have more of a heart shape to them but about the same size, and it has tiny yellow flowers. If you eat it you get that lemony sour taste and that is what you are looking for in your soup. You shouldn't use a lot of it because I believe it is oxalic acid that give sorrel and wood sorrel that particular taste and that isn't good in large doses:-). Regular sorrel has long, narrow leaves.

If you follow this link it will take you to a series of images showing both regular sorrel and wood sorrel.


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Wood sorrel's a weed all right, I've been yanking it out of my garden right and left this spring .
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Something you guys are trying to get rid of and I am trying to get!

I will see if it grows here in my Dad's garden..>Thanks!
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One of the only things my son remembers from his first church camp experience was the identification of sorrel - a weed that you can pick and eat right in the middle of the yard! He says it tastes a lot like green apples - kind of sour. If memory serves me, it looks very much like clover, but smaller.
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I grow a sorrel as an ornamental plant. I'm sure you can buy seeds and grow it yourself!!!
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As im reading this, it sounds like mould mixed with a lemon and grass

and im just thinking ewww
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Cute fran! It depends on your taste I guess...
I love sour tastes (like lemon) and salty
So, I love ANYTHING with lemony sour taste usually.

I don't have a sweet tooth in my head unless
its a few particular days of the month and then I like chocolate.

Oh, and my fave candy is sour soothers (don't know if you know what those are but they are a very sour candy shaped like a baby soother..)
Yes, I am a grown-up
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hehe we are so alike because im not a sweet head either..
i only eat chocolate at certain times of the month too

Oh oh and i love LEMON GELATI!
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OT but are you close to Munich?
I have friends there. I met them on exchange in Uni here.. They want to emigrate here soon but are having a tough time...Its very different culturally and professionally over there it seems.
I like it when my friend Nicole forgets to speak English to me and I get these german MSN's..
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