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Just a few more hours....

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And I'll be seeing my favorite band ever - Nine Inch Nails!!

Hmm...those smilies don't quite seem right here Oh well!!

I know that Tracy (GrayKittenLove) saw them here in Denver last night. We're going tonight. I'm so psyched!!

If you didn't know, that's where my kitty got his name. He's named after Trent Reznor who is NIN.

Only 1/2 hour left at work so I can leave early so we can get decent seats tonight.

This has been a great music week for me...we saw Motley Crue on Sunday, 8th row center no less. The show was amazing!! And now we're seeing NIN tonight!!

Can you tell I'm a little excited??
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I'm jealous!!! We wanted to go but tickets were about $250 per person and we really didn't have that kind of money. I hope it rocks!!!!! Let us know how wonderful it is!!!!!
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Have a great time Heidi! I always wondered why you gave Trent the name you did.
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Oh man Heidi, I know that'll be the highlight of your year!
Do some drooling over Trent for the both of us!!!
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You need this one Heidi!

Have a brilliant time!.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Can you tell I'm a little excited??
Nope you don´t needed! We can see you! .. ..
How envy you Heidi, But my best wishes to you have a fun time later! ...

Bring us the details tomorrow!
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I got to see NIN in St. Louis when he came with David Bowie. Everyone left after NIN was done playing. No one stayed for Bowie. Nails is awesome. Have a great time!!
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Originally Posted by goosehazel
I got to see NIN in St. Louis when he came with David Bowie. Everyone left after NIN was done playing. No one stayed for Bowie. Nails is awesome. Have a great time!!
I saw that tour here in Denver. That was amazing!! But yeah, I think I was one of the only people who actually saw all three bands. But I loved Prick, still love that band. And I love Bowie too. And of course my Trent. But all three put on fantastic shows.

Amy, I'll definitely check him out a few times for you too!
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Oh wow, Heidi! This is going to be great!!!You're going to have the best time ever!
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have fun!!!
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Wow, impressed!!! But $250 a person!!!
Hope its a good show...Crue woulda been good too..
I am envious.. Have a fab time!
Tell us good show stories in the a.m (not that you will be up.)
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I hope you have a rockin' blast. They're one of my favorites too.
I hope it doesn't snow.
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Hope you had a good time Heidi!
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I will freely admit to my obsession with Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. I have all of the Halos (except 18 and 19, which were just released, but I will probably order or pick them up this weekend). I have bootlegs of every tour, mutiples of most tours. I have CDs of demos and remixes. I have the movie soundtracks that one song was on, even if the rest of it sucked. The only thing I don't have is all of the other bands' remixes that he's done. I have the NIN from Halo 5 (Sin) tatooed on my leg, and I named my beloved kitty after him. For Christmas my lovely husband got me a signed 8x10 of Trent with Certificate of Authenticity, got it framed, and then hung it up right next to my computer at home.

All that being said...

The concert last night was beyond amazing!!! They played for about 1-1/2 hours, and it wasn't nearly long enough. He did a lot off the new album, even "Every Day is Exactly the Same" which he said last night was the first time they had ever played it live and it may be the last. LOL

As many of you know, he's only doing mid-sized venues for this tour. (Don't worry, inside info is that he's going on an arena tour this fall.) I think the Filmore only holds like 5-7,000. Small for NIN. Smallest venue I've seen him in so far. So it was a fairly intimate setting. I was certainly closer than I've ever been, probably around 40 yards from the stage, and not in the pit either (I refuse to be in the pit for NIN shows. Just too rough in there!). Well, except for when I was lucky enough to be in the video shoot for "Hurt", and they only let in the first like 250 people in line. We were close then, but that was only one song, played for about 30 minutes or so. (It was SO cool though!!) So just being that close to him for that long was very cool!

About the tickets, we got ours the day they went on sale (sold out within about 15 minutes for both shows), and paid face value or $35 each (plus service charges of course). But I did hear a scalper telling some other people (he was just asking $100 a ticket for his ) that he saw someone sell a pair for $260 each on the corner. Unbelievable! OK, so I probably would pay that much if I HAD the money and no ticket, but that's beside the point. LOL

For the other Trent obsessed....OMG he looked amazing!! He got buff. Well, for Trent anyway. His arms and shoulders are very defined now, and dayum does he look good in black jeans and a loose tank top! *sigh* Wow.

I'm still on the high of seeing him live again.
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Awesome Night Heidi I´m soooooo glad for you!!!!
Thanks for tell us!!!
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Heidi, I'm thrilled you had such an amazing time at the show!
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