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I posted recently my worries about my little 7 week old kitten Alfie not eating proper kitten food and generally being a bit poorly.

Well he went to the vets today for a health check - and I'm pleased to report that although his is slightly smaller than average, he is in excellent health! The vet was very pleased with him. We have stopped giving him scrambled egg (that is all he would eat) on Monday and today I got home from work to find my lovely little lad eating some dry kitten food!

I'm so pleased and proud of him!

The vet has given me some worming tablets for both him and Jess as they both need worming, and unfortunately it would appear that Alfie has had fleas for some time - maybe caught off his mother, but we'll never know, so I also have some Frontline and also bought a flea comb to check Jess as well.

The vet said sometimes the annoyance of fleas constantly itching can put cats off their food, but the fact he is now eating proper kitten food is brilliant!

The help and advice I got off here has helped too - so all of us would like to thank everyone who offered their advice on helping me get Alfie to eat! It obviously worked!