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Beautifull little soul

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To anyone out there who doesnt believe these beautifull little creatures dont have a soul I urge you to reconsider.

Last evening I had a very distressing family matter that had brought me to tears and a lot of emotional pain. My hubby was holding me in the kitchen when we heard this little plaintive cry. Misty was on the edge of the table looking up at us and had a pleading look in her eyes and her voice was not like her usual one. It was kind of low and painfull sounding like nothing we had ever heard from her before
We thought she was in some kind of pain or trouble but when we picked her up she started to purr so loudly and pressed her little body into me and dug her face into my neck.
This beautifull little soul was trying to console me and she did. I held her for a very long time and I felt her love for me so strongly. I feel so blessed to have this dear little friend in my life

I just had to share this with you all
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Awwww their just so loving aren't they!

I've been there as well, when my boyfriend and i split up i just had Rosie, and through many tears she lay on his pillow beside me in bed, and on a morning she would gently put her paw on my cheek as if to say "It's ok mum!"
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I firmly believe cats have souls and are capable of tremendous love.
That's so sweet that yours was trying to console you. Mine have done the same. We're so blessed to have these sweet creatures in our lives. Too bad more people don't realize this.
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After having shared my heart and home with cats for nearly all of my life, there is way too much evidence that cats can and do pick up on our emotions - the night my father died is a prime example ...

I came home from the hospital and was just sitting on the sofa. I was crying and had been all the way home in the car, so I had those hiccup-like sobs coming frequently. My cat, a very old, very sick little girl who couldn't jump up onto anything anymore, somehow pulled her little body up onto the sofa and began licking my face and neck. At first, I thought she was licking away my tears, but as I allowed her to continue, it was obvious to me that she was indeed trying to comfort me - she purred and kneaded and rubbed against me as if to tell me it would all be alright.

This is but one example. There are thousands more.

As for why more people don't like or keep cats, I think it has a lot to do with such people being intimidated by the superior intellect of cats - maybe cats are smarter than such people and those people know it? *grin*
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i've had the same experience... they know when we're upset, & it upsets them, too - they try to console us with the headbumps, body rubs & purrs....
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Thanks you guys for sharing your experiences as well. We are all very lucky to be sharing our lives with these incredible little beings.
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Thank you kittylady, for taking the time to share your heartwarming story.
Everyday...I learn about more about unconditional love from my sweet furbabies.
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Oh I believe you, don't worry..I have only had Lovey for 2 months and he has already shown me this side once when I was upset..He just acted "differently" sweet..
I hope you are feeling better soon.
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I wish the people who believe the stereotypical description of cats as "aloof and too independent" would read the comments and stories posted here.

Kittylady, the title of your thread says it all about Misty: "Beautiful little soul".
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Thankyou Loveysmummy . I am getting through it a day at a time which is all I can do. And thanks to everyone else here who replied.
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Sounds like between your hubby and your kittie, you are getting the TLC you need right now.

I have also had my cat (Siamese) comfort me when I was sad and crying. They are wonderful creatures.

I almost feel sorry for folks that don't "like" cats. I have a friend who really hates cats. I believe it was from an incident where a cat got frightened and scatched her accidentally and she has held onto that incident. I personally think she must not have liked them much to begin with if she couldn't realize the cat was acting in self-defense and was very frightened.

Ah well, her loss.
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While I don't use pets to fill massive voids in my life, having a pet for a companion does help during the normal ups and downs that happen over the course of the years. A few weeks I came home very tired, very frustrated...I sat down on the couch to contemplate things. Suddenly Nano was right by my side and stretched out across my lap -- gentle and purring. She sat still and I petted her...no nervousness or caution on her part, she just sat there for me until I was ready to get up and go to bed. She gave me my standard five minute head start to get settled, then she hopped onto the bed, came up to give me a few headbumps on my shoulder, then went to her standard spot and let me get some much needed sleep.

So yes, cats can be beautiful companions.

And thanks for your story, kittylady. I agree -- sounds like you have a great companion in Misty.
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I know exactly what you mean. My cat Glory was my best friend durring some really difficult years. I miss my baby!
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I used to live in a house where my room was in the basement, and I am terrified of basements and the dark. I had troubles sleeping at night and the cat that I used to have would let me hold him in my arms until I fell asleep. Sometimes I would wake up and he would be gone, and in the morning he would be in my arms again. That was the best cat I ever had, and I am sad that my mom made me give him away. (I was 11) (His name was/is Pigger) He would be about 7 by now..
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