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She wont stop using me!!!!!!!!!

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I need some advice...sadly, my body cant take anymore abuse!
I have 3 kittens, they will be 3 months on May 19th. Haylee is the female of the 3, and she gets along well with all the other cats....so, I started them on the same schedule: a teaspoon of pouch food 3 times a day in addition to their dry kitten food. When it comes time to eat, Haylee and Jinx start their "I-am-starving-you're-a-terrible-owner" routine...and Haylee climbs our bodies!! Its to the point where we have to lock ourselves in the laundry room to put food in the bowls...well, shes figured out she can squeeze under the door!
I am at a loss. I have cuts all over my legs, my hips, my back. I dont know what to do. I absolutely will not hit her or anything like that, and I dont yell...but I dont like being a human pin cushion. The other day, I was getting out of the shower, and she climbed my bare skin!
Has anyone else had this problem? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on how to break her of this climbing people? She only does it at feeding time. Locking her up is difficult considering she can slip under doors. The little sneak
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Pfffttt Sophies one year old and she still has scratches on my legs through her going under the quilt, and i'm not even playing blanket wars?!

She'll also jump up onto my shoulders which is something she did as a kitten only now she weighs 10lb!!!
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I think that Haylee loves you... Like Susan, I have a young cat too and most of the time I have some kind of scratches / bite marks on my hands / legs etc where he has got too overexcited or something.

I am no expert but what about if you seperate them when feeding them? Are you able to shut the bathroom door so that she can't get in when you are showering? What about fixing the bottom of the doors so that she cant' sneak under them? Dunno how feasible this is, but it could help.
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lol...lucky used to do that when she was a kitten, and now rambo does. I felt like they were velcroed to my body...only slightly more painful! Now lucky just jumps onto my back and perches there whenever i bend over to pick something up. very helpful.
you might want to try some form of distraction while you are making the food. When she starts to climb throw a toy or something to draw her attention away for a second. or if there is someone else there...try and get them to distract her. I find rambo's attention is easily distracted...sometimes even in mid-jump and he's about 10weeks old.
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She is doing what she would do to her own mom, crawling over mom to get to the food. I would shut yourself up in a room where she can't get it. Just get a cardboard box, fill it with canned and dry food and the bowls, dish the food out there and then feed. I would feed her first, for she sounds alpha- meaning that you put her bowl down first, then quickly put the other bowls down as well. I had one kitten that grew up to do this all his life. His name was Shredder. The only way I could get relief was to store the food in the small room off the hallway and go in there to mix up the food. Keep her claws trimmed that will help, spaying her will help as well when she is old enough and playing with her interactively will also help- using toys on a string with no human parts in sight-
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I think all of you guys are right. I have tried distracting her, and she doesnt fall for it...shes a smart little cookie! The only thing that I have found that works, is to fill the bowls on the floor because then she isnt climbing me...but I will tell you...who would have thought such a small kitten could have such a big growl!! I think she thinks shes a pirrahna!! She will bite if you even think of getting near her!

I know she does love me...she sleeps in the bed with me at night, and when I am doing my hair and things, shes sleeping on my foot.
Thank you for the suggestions...but I guess I just have to take my punishment...love hurts, I guess!
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Have you started trimming her nails yet? I've noticed that kitten nails are like razors and trimming them helps a bit. Of course she sounds like the type that won't let you do it very easily...
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How about getting a cat tree and preparing the food on a high-up perch? She'll climb the tree (hopefully) and not you!

Plus, it'll give her something to climb to be up at eye level with you, and to be high up like kitties like
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