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3 1/2 week update

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Here are the new pictures of my babies (some of the names have changed since they have developed their personalities)

Webster a.k.a Moose and Tony He has webbed toes.


George (Curious George) aka: Runt


The Whole family
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Oh my gosh!! How absolutely precious they are!!

I imagine you'd be forced to spend the majority of the day, just gawking at them.
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Awww, what adorable kittens and a beautiful proud mom
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Awwww, they're so sweet!!
I especially like the last picture!
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I love the picture of Mama kitty & her babies. They are all so sweet. Ahhhhh
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Oh what gorgeous teeny, tiny fur balls they are!

And that one with their mummy should be framed and hung on the wall because it's just so precious
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AWWW this has to be the sweetest picture I've ever seen!!!

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The cuteness of kittens never ceases to amaze me. Love the one of mom and babies. She looks so proud!
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Oh I love the pictures!!!! Mine are 3 weeks old today, and their personalities are shining as well. What cute little kiddies you have!!! I especially like the family portrait!!!
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Awwww look at their eyes?

Thanks for sharing the pictures of our babies
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So adorable! I might have to consider taking up kitten-napping!
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Hmmm....Illinois is only about a 20 hour drive from Savannah.... I'm only joking but seriously, those kittens are too cute to be legal!!!
Susan's right- you should definitely frame that loving picture of the mama and her babies; what a treasure!
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Great pics love them all
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they are SOOO precious! Thank you for sharing!!!
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That's adorable. Oh my gosh, my heart just turned all gushy and warm when I saw this pic. I'm in love!!
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I can never get enough kitten pictures. The last one with thier mother is the best though.
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They are precious, beautiful babies!
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How could you do this to me?
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What a BEAUTIFUL family! They are adoreable and Mom is sooo proud!
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You just can't help but smile when you see them! Adorable!
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