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Gizmo was neutered back in July, and Scooter was just neutered 2 weeks ago Wednesday. They both like to gang up on Tigger She cries, and she does hiss, but they still won't stop! Hubby suggested buying some squirt bottles, and everytime we hear her cry when they are "beating" her up squirt them. Will they associate this & pick up that they shouldn't be attacking her? Tigger isn't the type to really fight back .. the only thing she does is swipe or bat back & that's it. If she tries to jump they run right after her. I would've thought that the dominance was established by now?
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I know how you feel. I just adopted a two year old cat two months ago and my male cat attacks her. She is small and can't fight back well. The squirt bottle didn't work for him, he could care less. When I see him do it, i break up the fight by clapping or yelling no. It's only been two days, but it seems to be helping. I also give them treats together and play with them together. I try to make it a pleasant experience when they are together. Did they fight like that with her before they were neutered?
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Dominance patterns are established pretty quickly with cats. If Tigger cowered early on, she is likely to be picked on from now on....unless she does something to make all that change.

Although this will be a pain, you might try re-introducing Tigger to the others. Lock Tigger in a room (with litter box, food and water) for about a week or two, then do the slow re-introductions that Hissy describes so well in this post. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&threadid=5005

I did this with my timid cat...he is huge, but was always getting beaten up by our tiny declawed cat (we didn't declaw her!). I locked him up for about a month, did re-introductions, and now everyone gets along!
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No, they did this before they were neutered. As for confining Tigger for a week, we don't want to do that to her. It's not fair for her..... she is such a good gal! It just seems they do it to her when they are in a wild mood.
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