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BIG cats!!!

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Hey everyone!

I am just back from my holiday. Had a great time, and we went to all the theme parks on the Gold Coast, including Dreamworld where they have "Tiger Island". The tigers are just adorable! And I couldnt get enough of them.

Here's a few pictures...

(and for anyones who's not into zoos etc like me, the Tigers have the most beautiful enclosure, they are all bred in captivity to ensure this beautiful breed can avoid extinction, and all behavious you can see in the pictures are ones that they do naturally in the wild and aren't forced at all).

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OMG!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEE tigers!! Those pics are gorgeous!! I wanna go to the zoo!! Thanks a bunch for sharing!Thanks for sharing!!
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The tiger enclosure at Dream World is MINT isn't it!!! I just adored it when I was there six years ago. We went back three times! They are the most beautiful, loved, cherished creatures there. The handlers are wonderful and the cats are so well looked after. It is a credit to them.
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Beautiful felines!
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Glad everyone's enjoying the pics!

Sarah - hahaha yeh I was a bit like that, we managed to watch both shows morning and afternoon, as well as stop by another 4 or times (they're trying to breed one of the girls so that was kind of exciting!).
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Wow! Great pictures! The tigers are very beautiful!
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Oh my gosh... beautiful amazing Tigers
and again.
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Wow, they are gorgeous!

Lovely pics!
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