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My cat is dying

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My cat was diagnosed with CRF about 2 years ago. She has done great with little intervention except for diet. She is now about 16 (?) years old, and stopped eating about 4 days ago. I have offered any and every possible food to her, and she just isn't interested. My desire is to keep her at home, and as long as she is peaceful and comfortable, let her die when she is ready. BUT I am torturing myself - am I doing the right thing? She still moves around, drinks water, uses the box, and purrs when I pet her. She is thin, but seems to be at peace. I know she can't go too much longer without eating - is it OK to let her die on her own? I'm watching her for signs of stress and discomfort, and so far don't see any. Any thoughts out there? This is one of the most diffucult things I've ever had to deal with...
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I am so sorry you have to go through this!!!
Growing up my mom had a cat that was like her 1st baby (she had it before my sister and I ) and when it was 20 years old it had kidney failure in 1 kidney and 2/3rds of the other was going, of course he rapidly deteriorated. When kept him at home, gave him lots of attention, food, water, etc. until it was decided he needed to be at fullest peace and we eventually had to put him down.
If your cat is not in pain and you want her comfortable during her last moments than keep him at home. However if you cannot be with her at all times until she passes or she appears to be in pain, I would suggest calling your vet and getting his/her opinion for the best option.
Again, I am so sorry for you to have to go through this. My thoughts are with you and I am sure you will find what's best for your baby.
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I'm really sorry you and your kitty are going through this. I don't have any great advice but just know my thoughts and prayers are with you two.
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please take your cat to the vet and get her put down peacefully. There is no reason to let her linger at home, because it is not a peaceful death by any means. It is evident you love her because of her age, now show her how much you really love her and get her euthanized.
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Awww, I am so sorry to have to hear your news. I can relate to your situation. My jessie got cancer and within a 2 week time period I realized I was going to lose her. She was 17 years old. She hadn't eaten in 6 days, still drank water, peed and didn't seem to be in pain but she did appear uncomfortable. I ended up having my vet come over and she passed over to rainbow bridge in my arms. I did not want to take the chance of her suffering. I feel very much at peace with my decision. I committed the final act of my love for her.
My thoughts are with you through this very difficult time. I am so sorry.
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she purrs, pees, drinks water ok, walks around but is just not eating? maybe its something unrelated. How do we know for sure?
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Dear Crystal:

I know it's a very hard and sad time for both you and your beloved cat.
But, please, either take her to the vet or have the vet to come and see her. As far as I know not eating even for a couple of days could damage her liver.
Maybe the vet could give her something to stimulate her appetite or maybe she doesn't like to eat because some teeth are bothering her - meaning that maybe the reason for her loss of appetite is one that could be fixed easily meaning that she could stay with you much longer yet.
All those questions could only be answered by the vet after a thorough check-up.
My prayers and thoughts are with your little sunshine and you - may God help you to do the right thing. Only God knows whether her time is up or not - maybe she's supposed to be with you for some years yet.

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I am so sorry you are going through this. My thoughts are with you as you make your decision.
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Here's one I found using a creative Google:

Kimberly Langford DVM
At Home Veterinary Care
1000 Town Center NE # 102
Tacoma, WA 98422
Serving North Pierce and South King Counties
cell: (253)988-9891
(I am not recommending this person, I have no idea who she is, just showing that you can find one in your area).

Ask your regular Vet for a referral, they can give you a name or two.

I had difficulty deciding on helping my baby on his way, when I realized he was beginning to feel discomfort (at least), because I knew how much he hated going to the Vet; I procrastinated cause I didn't want that to be his last experience. I finally had to put myself in his place and ask myself what I would want if I were him.

Nothing I can say will make you feel any better. It is so hard to let go of a loved one. It is no easier to make this call for a pet than for any other family member.

When you know it's time, and I believe you will know (it sounds like you may know already), you can have someone come to the house and you can hold him on your lap and rock him to sleep. That helps a little.
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I know more than I wish to about crf, and I am sorry you and your kitty are at this point. You asked for advice...I would let her tell you..if her spirit is good, and the only issue you can see is the lack of eating, I'd honestly go to assist-feeding aggressively, and if not doing anything for the stomach acid/nausea that crf kitties get, begin to medicate for that.

If the quality of life is gone, she's not "herself" at all, I would not just let her go, my understanding is it would not be an easy death...I would lovingly have her pts.

I wish you strength and wisdom...here is one of the best sites I know of, and it's page on how to know when the end is near for a crf kitty, which discusses all the aspects of what happens for them in end-stage kidney failure: click here
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I can't really add to what others have said but wanted to let you know that you and your beloved kitty are in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm not going to advise on what you should or should not do. I believe it is a decision you, and you alone have to make. I let my puppy pass on his own, when we should've had him put down, but, we didn't want to put him down, and he died on his own, but I am glad we did what we did, because it gave me more time to prepare, and it gave more time for Thunder to eat ham! So, I understand the decision you have to make, and we will all respect it, no matter what it is.
Just remember that we are all here for you, no matter what decision you make. I'm sorry that you have to go through this rough time, and I know you will make the best decision for her, no matter what it is! I will pray that she goes to the bridge happy and peacefully!
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I'm so sorry. I went through this with my Jimmy 18 months ago and know how painful it is. He tried to be strong and fight it, but I knew when he started hiding, got so thin and wouldn't eat that it was time to let him go. I couldn't torture him (and me) by forcing anymore medication down him when in the long run it wouldn't change things.
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I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. I'll say a prayer for you and your baby
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