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Hi all, need your advice. The kitty in this topic is now at the vets, I'm just asking your opinion regarding this matter.

Our kitty who we rescued 4 weeks ago is now about 4-5 weeks old. For the past week or so, we had problems feeding her. She was vomiting everything she was eating. Milk and canned food. She would vomit if she ate on her own or force-fed. The only thing she didn't vomit is water. We would give her canned food, she would eat a bit. She will not vomit, but she will if force fed (since she was eating so little). If given her milk by bottle, she would drink really fast and vomit everything (the nipple hole is just right for milk flow).

She has been staying at the vet for about 2 days now. I was told that she was suffering from an enlarged heart (by x-ray), she might have an irritation to her esophagus causing her to vomit after eating (she's on tube feeding now), and she was given enema because her stools are stuck inside her. So I'm hoping for the best because we want to give her a good life after being separated from her mom at such a young age.

Thanks for listening!