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"The Bunchies"

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Maybe I can get this right, this time, everytime I post something, I seem to goof up somehow. I just met the lady from our local fosterring rescue and she brought me all my things for my Mother cat and newborn kittens, I am scared to death! Will I be a good foster Mom? I have to go to work, will they be all right when I go to work? How do I handle my all ready spoiled kitties to keep them from stressing the new Mom, who already has been abandoned and now is in a strange place with strange kitties hissing and acting out. I know I have to keep them seperated from my pets, if only because the Mom could have something medicaly wrong and give it to my kitties. Wow, have I taken on more then I can handle? I have always wanted my own litter to help and love and now I am getting it!!!! Help!
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It's not easy, but it can be done. How old are the kittens? If they are with their mom, I would think they'd be ok while you were at work. Definitely keep them seperated from your cats, not only to protect your cats, but to keep them all calm and quiet (relatively speaking of course, LOL).
You will feel overwhelmed at first, but you'll get used to it.
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