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I just recently moved Oscar into my apartment with me. He's been fine up until yesterday. He started trying to eat my plants! He's never done this before at my parents. Like right as I'm typing this, he is standing, clinging to my sweatshirt, trying to swat the leaf. He can't reach the branches unless he stands, which he tries quite often. I'm going to try using the water bottle but does anyone have any other suggestions to keep him from trying to eat them?
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FIrst of all, are you sure that none of your plants are dangerous for cats? If there are any you are unsure of, you must get rid of them. Then as for the others - try spraying the leaves with water into which you add lemon juice or citronelle. That sometimes works. I had oil of cloves recommended too, though I never tried it. But sometimes nothing seems to work though some cats grow out of trying to play with the leaves and eat the plants.
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Sometimes if you can get them some kitty grass, it will re-direct them to a point. I gave up on plants. Melichus(RB) never bothered them, but you would've thought that Annie(RB) was a closet vegetarian. I finally just gave in and have kept my plants outside ever since. Maybe that's why I can't keep houseplants alive, I never got the practice (I can blame it on the cats !
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