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Tell us what you do at your job!

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I'm just curious to know what everyone does at their jobs. Tell us all about it. Do you like it? Like the people you work with? Like your boss? Hate your boss?

I'll post mine later, when I'm not at work. Just dont have any time left on my lunch.
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I'm an associate editor at Education Direct. I edit the text for our online and print courses. Additionally, I help design the online courses by way of choosing art work to go on each text panel.

I LOVE my job. I've been here for a month and I couldn't be happier. The people I work with are wonderful, as is my supervisor and my boos.
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Originally Posted by DinahCat
I'm just curious to know what everyone does at their jobs. Tell us all about it. Do you like it? Like the people you work with? Like your boss? Hate your boss?

I'll post mine later, when I'm not at work. Just dont have any time left on my lunch.
I do bookkeeping and whatever else falls in my lap throughout the day. I like it just fine, but I am not so sure it was something I aspired to do when I was little girl. Now, if I were a princess, maybe then.... I like most of the people I work, there are a few that have annoying aspects of their personalities, but dont we all? I like my boss.
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I manage a little office out of a 150 yr old building in the historic district of Covington KY. We can see the Cincinnati skyline from our windows here. I work with about 8 guys in-office, I'm the only woman; they call me "Mom". We are a pallet pooling company ... shipping pallets. Big Business, it is. We're owned by Australians and headquarted out of Orlando.

Aside from making the office cozy & keeping things under control here, I am the assistant to the SVP of the Sales force. All the guys who work under my boss come to me when they need something. All 40 or so of them, all across the country. I work alone most days cuz my guys travel.

I love my job! I have my own office (it's pink and plastered with my own photographs). Everyone here is a Type A personality, outgoing & extroverted, so I get along with all of them (our company only hires Type A's).

As far as the other stuff I do besides managing this office & the ppl in it... I live and die in EXCEL. I never dreamed I'd be working in Sales, but I should have known; my dad's a salesman and we have similar personalities.

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I'm a biologist with the Ministry of Natural Resources. I love my job for the most part, especially when i get to go and work in the field. Of course i've discovered that if i go out in the field all the wildlife (except mosquitos) go into hiding. The mosquitos just love me and can't wait till I get out of the truck!

great thread!
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I do this!
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I'm a receptionist for a sign manufacturer which is a family business.

Along with the switchboard i type orders on the computer. I love my job and have clients that are like friends in a sort of way because i've known them so long.

I get on with the majority of them, but there was a whinge bag called John who everyone avoided like the plague because all he did was moan, and i mean moan! I'd pick my receiver up pretending i was on a call if ever he came into my office to empty my bin because once he got you talking he could send you to sleep because he was that boring!!

But he left 2 weeks ago!!!!
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Lets see.....
on Monday and Tuesday, I work the sales floor here at the shoe store....that's why I'm online at TCS all day

Wed, Thurs and Fri, I'm doing whatever else I need done, tagging, stocking, cleaning, bookeeping, you name it, also running back to help hub at the bakery if he needs me.

Sat I'm usually off, unless mom and dad are selling flowers at the flea market, then I'm either here covering for dad, or with mom selling flowers.
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Accountand of a filial to Coca Cola Company... what I make? I´m a Budgets Coordinator, basically my labour is made the Financial Budget for the next year, ... yes a quite boring... Why? because is numbers and numbers all day!... ..... Happy? Hummmmm ... I could say yes... ...

Nice thread Dinah!
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Originally Posted by DinahCat
I'm just curious to know what everyone does at their jobs. Tell us all about it. Do you like it? Like the people you work with? Like your boss? Hate your boss?

I'll post mine later, when I'm not at work. Just dont have any time left on my lunch.

I work at Long John Silvers. I'm the Asst Mgr. I've been there for 15 years. I honestly don't like my job right now. I feel like I'm being walked on and I don't appreciate it. I like some of the people I work with, not all. I get along with my boss but I wouldn't call her my friend. Would I give it up? If I had something better,heck yes!
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Originally Posted by Renny
I'm a biologist with the Ministry of Natural Resources. I love my job for the most part, especially when i get to go and work in the field. Of course i've discovered that if i go out in the field all the wildlife (except mosquitos) go into hiding. The mosquitos just love me and can't wait till I get out of the truck!

great thread!
My boyfriend would LOVE to have your job (he was a biology major)!!!!
I've talked about my job ad nauseum (I love what I do!) but I'll post it on here in case anyone ever needs advice on the topic...
I'm a domestic violence/sexual assault victim advocate for the Army. I assist soldiers, their spouses, and their dependents-anyone who has been a victim. I help victims get protective orders and/or divorces, counseling, crime victim compensation, take them to court or other appointments, do safety planning, and I'm also the proud founder of Patriotic Paws, which fosters the pets of domestic violence victims who need to go to a shelter.
I REALLY love my co-workers, especially the other advocate in my office: she is like a mother to me. What can I say? Social workers tend to have a LOT in common
I truly love helping people regain safety and control in their lives and help them go from victims to survivors
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I am a massage therapist at a nice salon and spa. I do massage and spa treatments.
I really like most of the girls and one guy that I work with. There is one truly annoying one, but I usually just ignore her. She always has to seek me out to tell me how much she hates cats. Then in the next breath she tells me how she goes to church every time the door opens. I am going to have to ask her about that loving all God's creatures thing.
I usually like my boss, except when she lets her annoying friend come in and "decorate." She is supposed to be an interior decorator, but it seems that all her taste is in her mouth. She talked the boss in to painting half the salon "taupe." I don't know how she got that name for that particular color, but where I come from we call it s*it brown. Yuck! She put a big candle right where I could set my butt on fire while doing a massage, then wondered why I didn't like it!
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I work at a branch of a automotive finance company. My current position is receiving auto/truck contracts and entering data into our computer system. Also training dealers on paperwork and fixing ALOT of errors. Its boring and I'm glad I have 106 days left before our branch closes due to merger with another branch about 2 hours away.
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I am the accountant at a large non-profit association in Washington DC. I make sure our general ledger is correct, do our tax returns, prepare our financial statements, assist in our audits, reconcile the G/L numbers to all our departments. Wow I could keep going. No wonder I am always busy and working overtime. I get along with my coworkers great but am having problems with my boss. We are going through some major changes some relating to Sarbanes/Oxley Act and I have become one of the most unpopular people at my organization. How did that happen? I don't feel my boss has my back with some of the other departments and it has made my job harder than it needs to be. But what the heck it is just a job and I won't let it affect my upbeat personality or my life outside of it. Thank god for a supportive husband and loving kits.
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I am a pediatric oncologist. I work with children (from babies to adolescents) who have cancer or other serious diseases like aplastic anemia and AIDS. It is both tough (when you lose a patient, especially when they are so young!) and inspiring - when you defeat the disasese and it feels like winning a major battle. I also do research and teach pediatric Residents at a medical school.
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What a great thread! I love hearing about everyone else. (Especially since I'm a newbie and don't know everyone yet!)

I'm a staffer for a medical association, in the governance department. My job involves helping out the doctors who are the member leadership of the association. I coordinate meetings, train our volunteer leaders, and do pretty much whatever else needs doing to help them out. I love my job, because it's something different all the time and, since the leaders change, I get to meet new people all the time. I love the people I work with...both the other staff here and the doctors who are our members. And my boss is terrific.
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I have a wonderful job! I have to say that this is the best job I have ever had, for many reasons. It pays well, great benefits, and the people I work with are wonderful. My boss is wonderful too.

I work for a distribution company who distributes to all of the Arby's, Wendy's and Burger Kings in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. I work in the Customer Service Department, where I recieve by fax, phone or computer, all of the orders for the stores. I input them into the computer and make any changes as necessary. I also take calls from all of the stores when they want to (for instance) add or remove things from thier order, didnt get something on their delivery or anything like that. I also update all of their order forms and handle most promo items.

I work with a great group of people and we all get along pretty well (except for one, which I wont get into. She is very threatened by us new girls in the office, mainly because she doesnt do her job properly. The people here are very welcoming and supportive. One of the things I like most about my boss is that she is a mother of 4 kids. So, when I have an issue with one of my boys, she completely understands. She is also very flexible with dr appts and things like that.

I love it here.
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I'm a silkscreen tech at a sheetmetal fabrication shop. We take in alot of military contracts to build parts for whatever they are building, like for example parts for an Apache helicopter, or flight simulators.(my fiancee runs the 2 big laser cutting machines that cut the "blanks" out of sheets of material-he is at the beginning of production, I am at the end) I get to do alot of things in other areas, too. Anything to stay busy.
I like the guys I work with, they are fun to talk to & kid around with, they are all ages & personalities & some are like my brothers.
I like to be creative with my hands, like reading blueprints & being able to figure things out.
For the most part, it's boring, but I have my own big private area to work in, nobody bothers me as long as my work is getting done, & I can blast my music & be myself.
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Do you really want to know?

I work in a State government office, as a "pseudo-supervisor" in the Bureau of Unclaimed Property... ever wonder what happens to that paycheck you never picked up after working at McDonalds for 3 hours and quitting? It ends up with the State, has your name on it so you can come get it whenever you want it. The staff under me processes claims on this type of funds all day and answers the customer service line. I check their work, sign off on claim denials, and process claims in my spare time.

My boss is the same age as me, but sillier. I end up teaching her a lot about claims because I've done every type there is and she hasn't. She's technically the supervisor of the team, but I'm next in command and end up doing a lot of the work she doesn't have time for. I usually get interrupted every 5 minutes by a team member with a question. But woo hoo! I don't have to answer the customer service line, which I can't stand because when it comes to money they think is theirs (even when it's not, as is the case a lot), callers can get pretty nasty pretty quick.

I design websites on the side, but I've mostly gotten out of it... I hate charging a lot but it just isn't worth the time if you don't!
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I'm Academic Records Coordinator for a small theological college. This is my crazy CRAZY time, and I'm only on here right now because I'm waiting for the last of a gazillion reports to print off. A break right now is sweet.

I keep all the students academic records, and manage the database that contains them. (We're about to upgrade that, to include two other units, and it will be the first time I have not built the system myself. I have mixed feelings about that, but it's the right decision, because I simply don't have time to do that and stay on top of my regular duties.) As well, I do whatever statistics are required regarding enrollments, for our accrediting body and for other purposes; I build the class timetable; and I have a large part in the preparations for Convocation (which is next Monday).

Mostly I like it. I love the students. This is actually a very hard time of year for me, because there are a lot of "goodbyes" about to happen, and not a lot of energy left. Just typing those words has brought tears to my eyes.

My coworkers? Mostly good, many exceptionally so, a few who cause me to scratch my head frequently, none that I can't stand. My boss? The best.
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I am a research scientist in a hematology lab that studies immune-mediated bone marrow failure disorders (where the bone marrow fails to make blood components due to an attack by the immune system. CyberKitten, one of the diseases we study is aplastic anemia). I am responsible for two research projects on my own. Recently, I've been given a more managerial role as the senior scientist in the lab, now that we have over 10 people in the lab. I love research, but the managerial part...it's taking some getting used to, especially when I have to make decisions about spending or technician time. Someone always feels like they're getting the short end of the stick. Overall, I'm satisfied with my job and my boss is interested in keeping me around for a long time.
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I'm sort of an admin asst at an insurance agency. Basically I do everything, admin or other. This is not my career goal though. I hope to someday be in market research.
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Wow, what a great thread!!

I am self-employed and love it that way. I work with real estate lenders, title and escrow companies as a contractor to process all types of real estate loans. They send me the package of loan documents via email and I print them, take them to the borrowers and witness then notarize the closing signatures. Then I take them back to the lender, title or escrow company and pick up my pay check! I get to work my own hours, set my own appointments and best of all, if I don't want to go to work one day, I don't have to. There is no one to report to if I "miss" a day except myself.

I am getting ready to add a new facet to the business where I will be working with attorneys who will send me Chapter 13 Bankruptcy documents to process. I will be taking a class next Tuesday to learn more about the program, but so far, it looks really profitable for me.

Again, this was a great thread!!
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I'm a Lab Technician currently working in a large reference laboratory. We test for heavy metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Aluminum, Lead, Bismuth, Cobalt, Antimony, Telerium, Thalium, Manganese and Mercury just to name a few). I've been here just about 1 1/2 years. Previous to that I worked in a research lab in the cDNA cloning group under a wonderful Brittish guy with a doctorate. I loved that job but the company has had several large layoffs and is well on it's way under.

As for my current job; I like pretty much everyone I work with directly and most people I know outside of my little department too. I'm known as the upbeat and friendly all the time. Really I just fake it! ARUP is a large company with 1,800 employees though so I can only speak for my little corner of that company! My boss is great most of the time. I get along with him well and he respects me professionally. He's tried to pull a fast one on me recently though and wasn't very honest with me. That damaged the professional relationship in my eyes, and it may take a while for it to heal.

The company is very pro-employee which is nice. We have a very intense employee health program, which is nice. We have a free health clinic (for us and our families) fully staffed with doctors and P.A.'s and it is open 14 hours a day. A pharmacy. We also have a fully equiped gym and 2 excersise physiologists on staff. They hold 15 minute excersise classes every morning and again in the evening, they do personalized work out and diet plans, yoga classes, self defense classes and tons of other stuff. I like to go up and use one of the treadmils during lunch (before I broke my foot). They are always doing things to promote employee well being.
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I'm a Graphic Designer for a small Advertising agency in Trenton, Ontario. I design Hotel Guest Directories, Real Estate Presentation Folders, Builders Guides and the ad’s that are in them. I love my job, I really like the people I work with, and my boss is very cool. What I also love is how close I am to work, I’m only 5 minutes up the road…. It’s great!
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I work in a family business. I supervise my house cleaning business. Only two employees, right now... my brother, and me. I do most of the cleaning. LOL! We only have one client right now.... my parents. Yeah.... LOL! I'm just kidding. I'm 15! I don't have a job yet! LOL!
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I am a Loss Prevention Collections Manager at a Credit Union..............yes one of those people that you deal with if you do not pay your bills

I have been in this field for over 15 years (since I was 17) and actually get to help people alot too. I also love my boss!
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I am so glad I started this thread. I had no idea how many diverse jobs you all have. It's great. Some jobs, I never would have imagined existed, some jobs I wouldnt have pictured for some people. This is great, all. Keep them comming!!
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What a fabulously diverse group!

I'm the Administrative Assistant and Marketing Coordinator for a small (20 employees total) Mechanical Engineering firm. I'm front desk, receptionist, personal assistant to the 4 owners, typist, adminstrative assistant to all of the engineers, and coordinate all of the Requests for Qualifications/Proposals with our Marketing materials. Oh yeah, and according to the Vice-President I'm also the "Professional Photographer" on staff. Instead of paying real pros a couple thousand to take pictures of the projects we've done design work on, I go out and take pictures of them for our website (still under development) and marketing materials. I do like where I'm working now, like the people, and my overall boss is great.

Oh yeah, and I do websites and graphics on the side, including the two in my signature that I do with Christy and Laurie from here.
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Sheesh. Oh where o where is a big fat rock I can crawl under?
I'm totally in awe of everyone else. Some people are incredible in their work. I probably have the most ridiculous job on the planet. I'm a PA, Personal Assistant to the creator of one of the largest cruise lines in the world, and his daughter. I handle schedules and appointments, dinner parties, galas, and I design and create all invitations from scratch and keep event files to the precision of a drill sargent; I direct all event planning at a locally moored yacht and 5 international residences; I handle wardrobe items, children's items; I read and answer over 200 emails/phone calls per day for a variety of items -mostly people asking for money or donations or their time/attention to philanthropic causes; I am a social secretary for every single invitation and public appearance, I write advance sheets on people they are meeting at civic, international, or private events so they know who's who. I speak four languages when they travel abroad and read world headlines so I can inform them of what's going on in the world before they get there right down to the weather on the beach. It is not uncommon for me to fed ex a gown to Paris for dinner or write a fax in Chinese to get past the consulate for what they need. One of my closest friends in Seattle works for Bill Gates and she came from Princess Diana's Private Detail Staff.....

Will somebody please hire me so I can find the cure for cancer instead?
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