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relocation advice wanted

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I've put off posting this for a couple of weeks because it is depressing, but the basic fact is that several of the neighbors are adamant that the feral colony go, so we must relocate them. I understand their reasons but it does not make it any easier.
There's about 15 cats in the colony. If we can't relocate them, they'll be euthanized.

The main caretaker has called around to the various rescue groups but of course they are all full and truthfully, I wouldn't expect any rescue group to use their limited resources on our feral cats. So we are looking for a farm (or two or three) or for people with large parcel(s) of land were they can be placed. Frankly, unless I hit the lottery in the next couple of months, I'm not holding my breath for a good outcome. Sorry, a bit of venting there.

If we do manage to find a relocation site, what steps should we take to make the cats more comfortable with the move and more amiable to staying at the new site(s)? We would transport with them the shelters that they currently use, so they would have that familiar piece of "home", but what else could we do to lessen the shock?
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Check out Alley Cats Allies site on relocation. It gives great tips on what to do, and what not to do.

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Marion - I'm so sorry to hear that you're having this trouble with the neighbors. It's such a shame for the cats (and you) and so unnecessary...

From everything I've heard, relocation is a challenge, but if you're very careful about how you do it, it can work. Go to the Alley Cat Allies website, www.alleycat.org. They have a "how to" information sheet on the steps you need to take in order to help make the process successful.

This is a tough situation - I truly hope things will turn out well.
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Marion....I would also contact the Best Friends Network...ask if they can get a word out to Network members to see if there are any barns that will take these cats:

Contact the Best Friends Network: at (435) 644-2001 ext 123, or e-mail them at bfnetwork@bestfriends.org

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Marion: The same situation occurred in my area and I was on the receiving end of 2 relocated cats. I followed the instructions from Allie Cats to the letter but failed. They stuck around for about 2 months after release then disappeared.

My big lesson learned is that I had an existing colony that had been around for over 10 years and was highly territorial - there haven't been any new cats in years and while I attributed it to my spay/neuter, I look back and see they were running new cats off.

If you relocate, try to find an area without an existing long standing colony, and relocate at least 2 or more together to the same place. Ideal would be to find place for the entire colony (as they already co-exist as a group). Since you probably won't find someone to take on cats that already doesn't have them, try to find someone that has either younger cats or friendly barn cats rather than true feral cats.

Don't be discouraged by my experience, learn from it!
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I have 3 relocated ferals that stayed in a cage in my barn for about 4-6 weeks before we let them out. We had no outside cats when we adopted them, and they have stayed here since last fall.

What a challenge, to relocate a whole colony! I am very sad for you and the cats. Too bad you can't just move them to another part of the same neighborhood!
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Ah, yes, AlleyCat Allies. I'd forgotten to look there. I have emailed Best Friends Network; perhaps something will come of it. Thanks for the suggestions.

In the meantime, the main caretaker is going to try to talk to her neighbor again and I'm contacting a few other people to see if they have any possible rural contacts.
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Marion, just another thought on this... Alley Cat Allies has lots of educational material explaining all about TNR and ferals. Your situation, unfortunately, is not uncommon, and sometimes these materials are helpful in persuading initially unsympathetic people that the colony will not be a problem to them. You want to dispel any myths and misinformation. Of course, the people complaining have to be willing to at least read the information.

Try to speak with someone at ACA personally so that you can explain what's going on and they can send the appropriate info to you.

Have you seen the thread in this forum by Jalapeno titled "Help! Benefits of feral cats"? She's having the same problem.
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Originally Posted by KTLynn
... You want to dispel any myths and misinformation. Of course, the people complaining have to be willing to at least read the information. ...
Unfortunately this isn't an issue of making the neighbor(s) aware of the possible benefits of the ferals. It is an issue of people who do not like cats, and who are very unhappy with their presence. No amount of talking is going to change this neighbor's opinion.
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Marion..is there a way to keep these cats in one yard? Perhaps build an outdoor enclosure? Just trying to think outside the box...

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Our little cul-de-sac is an "in-fill" development (meaning they squeezed a bunch of new houses into an available spot of open landed in the middle of already existing houses). The yards are not very big, certainly not big enough to build an enclosure to contain 15 or so cats. Plus, we have to get approval from the HOA to build the enclosure.

One bright spot is that we have a lead on a place that might take some of them. I'm wondering if we relocated 5-6 of them if the rest might not be less noticeable. The main caretaker would have to cease feeding them (whisper) but there's another neighbor who could continue feeding the remaining cats (/whisper). Just a thought, I don't know if that will fly or not.
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