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Nighttime Woes and Worries

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My husband and I just adopted two beautiful year-old cats from the rescue three weeks ago. Lilly is lovely--playful, affectionate, and just a touch timid. Her brother Luke, who bigger and stronger than Lilly, is also playful and affectionate, but becomes a sneaky little devil at night. Lilly, on the other hand, has begun curling up and sleeping with us.

I play with both of them for 20-30 minutes before bedtime--to the point where they are exhausted. (I haven't been feeding them afterwards though, as their meal is earlier in the day, but it seems that might a helpful addition.)

We usually ignore the natural play and noise that goes on at night, but at 3 am every night for the last week, there have been some VERY suspicious sounds. When I go to investigate, there is Luke, sitting pretty and innocent. However in the morning, we have found 1) our telephone cord chewed through 2) a lamp cord chewed through, and 3) a chewed through mouse wire.

I have tried sticky paws, tin foiling all wires and even putting a mixture of jalepeno juice and cayenne pepper on the wires and around the general area, but so far, nothing has seemed to dissuade Luke from munching on wires. I am so worried that he will hurt himself. My husband works from home, so it is imperative that his equipment is in good working order. Unfortunately, we live in a large loft with an open plan--we are unable to shut his "office" off from them. (oh, and homes offices are like a wire explosion! there are so many wires it's hard to hide or guard them all)

This is doubly difficult because it is all happening at night, when we are asleep and can't sense what he is chewing--especially when I've already taken steps to prevent it. Could he be doing it because he is hungry? bored? anxious? His sister doesn't seem interested in wires at all. We are starting to loose sleep over this! I really hope that someone has some helpful advice.
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Yikes! He is persistant isn't he!
The only thing I can think of is keeping him in a seperate room at night if possible.

Maybe try taping the cords down flat to the walls as much as possible?

Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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He is so persistent! But also cute and funny, so it is hard to be mad at him. I bought some new toys that seem to interest him and we had a good play session and then some food before bed. I also bought some cat repellent (I really didn't want to, but his well-being as well as ours was on the line!) and sprayed the wires and the area.
That seemed to work, though I noticed that he still wanted to get to the wires.

So, another few weeks and we should have his nasty habit broken!

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