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Blossom's Furry Friends

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My Blossom WONT accept other cats, she insist on being an only child - of the cat species.
She does however, accept the bunny rabbits, shes willing to share her house and yard with them.
I know this is a cat site, but thought we would show u her buddies, as they are my 'other' fur babies

Peanut (white) + Coda (black). Thats when they were babies, this is now

These are her indoor friends - Shes very tolerant with them, but doesnt understand they dont like to play the same games she does.
She has outdoor friends as well - like these,

(believe it or not there are 15 babies!!)
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Oh my goodness, are those bunnies sweet! Can you litter train them?
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Awwww bunny wabbits!!!!
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Oh how cute!! Gotta love bunnies!

They may not be kitties, but they are still furries so I'll move this to Fur Pictures.
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oh now how darn cute are they. i used to breed lops many years ago, they are totally cuddly. im in proses of bribing hubbie into buying bunnies "for the kids"!!!!
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Awww, cute! I've been watching wild bunnies hop around the campus at work all of this morning! They're so fun to watch.
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OH wow, they are BEYOND cute!!!! That is amazing that you have a cat that loves bunnies so much! I'd get one myself (and now I REALLY want one after seeing those pictures!), but I'm not sure Cosette or Eponine would be quite so understanding!
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Aww cute bunnies!
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They're too cute!!! I like the black one!!
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Cute Bunnies, love the pics!
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Yes They´re sooooo adorables the bunnies!!!!...
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Aw, how sweet! I Coda
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Bunnies are some of my favourite people! Right after kitties, that is. Lovely, lovely pics. Thanks for sharing.
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thanks guys, I think my bunnies are pretty cute too
I have 12 bunnies + the 15 babies! Takes me forever each day to feed them all. Coda and Peanut are the only ones blossom will accept in the house. The others are too old and fragile or BIG and she doesnt like them.
The 2 in the photos are house/toilet trained - just like cats!
Some people, like alot of you here, Rescue Cats, but since blossy wont let me do that, I rescue and rehome bunnies. There is actually a huge problem in this state with unwanted bunny rabbits
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Your bunnies are adorable.
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