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Weekend update

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Well, my thanksgiving was very quiet. I spent it with Rascal. I bought a chicken instead of a turkey(I was the only one who ate). I put margine, lemon pepper, and poultry seasoning on it. Then I put onion slices all over it and poured a little bit of chicken broth. I broiled it for 2 and a half hours. Then I cooked some Stove Top stuffing, mashed potatoes(using more chicken broth), cranberries, and gravy. I also bought some non-alcoholic sparkling cider. And some pumpkin pie. Only me and rascal enjoyed the feast. Didn't go out. Then, it snowed. Very light, didn't stay on the ground. Over the weekend, the children came over. On Saturday night and all day sunday it snowed again!!!! I love snow. And this time it stayed. So we are covered in a winter wonderland.
It snowed all night long and all morning.
Then today, I went to wait for the bus and go to school. I was all worried because I was going to be late for school. I was thinking of telling my teachers not to mark me late because the buses were going slow. Then I arrive at school only to find out that the morning classes were cancelled do to the snow. What do I do? I go eat some breakfast, then come to the computer lab were I've been checking the emails I received for four days and to see whats happening here. And I am still here. I will go home now. Gee, I love snow. I will go out and make a snowman! or make a snow angel, or a snow castle!!!! Then, take a warm shower than bundle up with a cup of hot chocolate. Anyone want to join in?
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The snow sounds wonderful. Its unseasonably warm here in MA. I am sorry you had to eat Thanksgiving alone. Do you have family nearby at all?? Or are you alone there?
Sounds like fun that you had your kids for the weekend though. You must really enjoy that!
Glad to see you back here, we missed you on your little vacation.
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Well, I do have family. But they went out of town. Its okay. I slept in for two days before I had my children. So I was taking advantage of everything. The only problem with the cold is that I get sinus infections. When I get a full time job with insurance, I will go an see a doctor about operating. They get really painfull. Or at least, get me on antiboiotics. I can't eat anything like ice cream because my head will be hurting. I am taking Advil or Sudafed for now.
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I paraphrase from an old Dennis the Menace cartoon strip...I guess we should be thankful God doesn't decide to drop it all in one big snowball.
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