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Suddenly Needy. Related to my pg?

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A little background: Simon has always been "my" cat. He loves me and if everyone else fell off the earth he wouldn't care. He has always followed me around and wanted my attention.

That being said, in the last few days he has gotten quite a bit more needy and vocal. He wants me to pet him all the time and will just yell his head off until I do. This is unusual.

Nothing has changed that I can think of. My schedule is the same. He still gets his food and his treats as normal. Nothing is different in the house. He does not seem to be sick.

The only thing I can think of is that I am 7 months pregnant. Why this would have anything to do with it, I have no idea (especially since the routines haven't changed).

Any ideas?
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My guess is that you smell a little different to him. Cats have very sensitive noses, and he may smell the pregnancy hormones. Also, if you are using a different bath product or taking extra vitamins, that might change your smell. I would explain to him what is going on and tell him that you will still pay lots of attention to him too to avoid jealousy. It sounds like he knows that something is changing but doesn't know what to do about it.
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Yes. I sensed this VERY strongly when I read your post. What a little love he must be~~! extra special heaping amounts of attention for Simon~
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I have heard of this before with another woman I know who is pregnant..Its likely the hormones causing you to smell different.
There are tapes you can pick up that play the different sounds babies make. This might be a good idea to look into to prepare Simon for the big change that's about to occur...

There are other things you can do to make the transition for Simon more comfortable but I can't remember what they are at this point..Will post back if I think of anything else..
I think one thing might have been to get him used to baby smells (blankets, baby's room)

Good luck with the preg..and with Simon..
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On of my old cats went completely mushy when I was pregnant - although he was fairly mushy to start with. They were all fine when my son was born (11 years ago now!) despite my mother panicking and buying cat nets to cover everything in sight. The nearest they went to the cot was to jump in it when I had just lifted my son out -to curl up in the warm place that he had left.
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