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Mother's Day Gift Idea

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Mother's day is less then a week a way! Is anyone doing anything special for their mothers?

If you haven’t already bought a gift, I suggest you support the WWF and adopt a polar bear, tiger or wolf for you mother. The gift of life is priceless If you order today or tomorrow it will be there in time since it's shipped Fed Ex! The adoption costs 40$ but really it's only 10 dollars since you get a 30$ tax reciept from WWF which means you can claim that on your taxes, gotta love that!

Here's what your mom will get:
*An adorable 5" plush toy by Russâ„¢
*A personalized adoption certificate
*A letter identifying you as the gift giver
*A report detailing our work to save polar bears
*A $30 tax receipt will be sent to you as the purchaser

Tigers need your help:

For the past 100 years, these magnificent animals have been illegally hunted and persecuted. Now, 95 percent have been lost and the remaining wild tigers are headed for extinction. Help support WWF's urgent work to save the most endangered of all big cats. With your support, we can increase antihunting patrols, halt the illegal trade in tiger parts and protect crucial tiger habitat.

Wolves need your help:

At one time wolves had the largest distribution of any large land animal in the world. Centuries of persecution and habitat loss however have reduced their range and numbers drastically. Your support will give WWF the much-needed funds to conserve wolves by protecting their natural habitat, reintroducing them into their former range and helping to reduce conflicts between people and wolves.

Polar bears need your help:

Climate change is melting the polar bear's Arctic home and toxic chemicals are blowing up from major North American cities affecting all wildlife, especially animals such as polar bears at the top of the food chain. This meaningful gift will help fund WWF's research into climate change and work to reverse its effects on Arctic wildlife. Your gift will also help us reduce industrial pollution and ban toxic pesticides.

Look at those animals, how can you say no? I know I couldn't, my mom is getting a tiger!

I know there are lots of other things we could support, but I am a member of the WWF and think that the animals really need our help. There's something about speaking for animals that can't speak for themselves that I find rewarding.

Just a suggestion!
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Thank you for this great suggestion, Jane, it's certainly for a worthy cause! I'm one of those still undecided what to get my Mom.
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What a wonderful idea!!!!
Too bad my mom hates animals
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I would love this if I were a Mom, but my Mom would not appreciate it.
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Wonderful idea!!! I already sent my Mother's Day presents (and wish I could afford to do this too, but not right now). I would love it for myself! I WANNA TIGER!
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I adopted a whale for my dd many years ago, and it was wonderful! This is a great idea, for the right person!
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