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I Have Proof!

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I don't know if this is the right forum or not but in the newbie fourm I posted how I have to drag my cat out from under the bed when I get home from work. We've had our cats for a month now and I have proof in picture form that she is starting to come around.

I no longer have to 'drag' her out from under the bed. All I do is stick my head under there and she gets out on her own. But tonight as I sat here she was ramming her head into my leg and my hand wanting me to scratch her head so I snapped a pictures.

You can see the little black spot on her nose that I call her 'booger'

Then she went and jumped up in the window. This is something she just started doing this last weekend.

Ok and I'll post a picture of Harvey too.
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How wonderful that she is starting to be comfortable!! And that she is wanting loves and pets makes it all the more sweet. She's a beauty - and Harvey is just gorgeous too.
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she sounds like my poor little Lilly! It took her weeks to show her face from under the bed. Now 6 weeks later she is finally starting to explore outside her "bedroom". When she is out, she's such a love bug! Patience does pay off eh?
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yes I am so glad that she is coming around. Now I don't mind if she hides when we have company expecially my nephews.
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What pretty kitties you have!!
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What a pretty girl, I'm glad she's coming around. Harvey is handsome.
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I just moved with my Oscar and he too is hiding under the bed during the day and coming out at night and playing with us. Just today he came out during the afternoon to explore a little more. And just a little note: Oscar also has "booger" on his nose as well!
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They are beautiful cats. I just moved in February and my cats were out checking out the house as soon as they were out of the cage. They rule my boyfriend's house (and bed) now.
I have a 18 year old cat named Booger. She got her name when I got her, I fed her cat formula out of a bowl and if it dried on her face it flaked up and my husband at the time said she looked like a booger. Here is her picture.
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Oh lovely clear pictures!
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