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Being familiar with the CFA and getting registered with breeding rights.

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I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a way to register cats with breeding rights without the litter registration number (pin number), as most of you know i finally got my two cornish rex kittens , but i seem to still have some issues , the breeder i got my kittens from did not write down the pin number for me and i baught them with breeding rights and now i cant once again seem to get ahold of her to get the pin number, so i was wondering if there was a way around it, I just cant seem to win with her.
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Unless things have changed drastically, you need more than the number...you need the blue litter registration slip, signed by the breeder with breeding rights box checked.

I'm sure if I am mis-remembering any of the details, someone will correct me.

Your kittens should have been sent with this as well as a copy of their pedigree and a health certificate...I can tell there must have been another thread on this, so just count me as ignorant of the details, and don't feel you have to go into them again...just saying that this is what your kittens should have had at the time you received them.
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Taken directly from CFA's website:

Unless the PIN is written on the "blue slip" by the breeder, CFA's registration software will permit only "not for breeding" (NFB) registrations.

In order for CFA to register a cat with breeding rights, the PIN must be written in the PIN box on the Application for Registration ("blue slip"). The PIN is a 5-digit computer generated random number, called a "Litter-PIN (personal identification number)", which will be printed only on the Certificate of Litter Registration provided to the breeder. Each litter registered will be assigned a different PIN valid *only* for that litter. CFA staff does not have access to the PIN. Only the breeder of the litter knows the PIN.

If the cat has already been registered with CFA as a NFB cat, please contact the breeder to obtain the PIN. Write the PIN on the registration certificate and return it to CFA with a request to change the registration to a breeding cat. The fee for the correction is $8.00

Hope this helps,

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Yup..things have changed sounds like a good process to me!
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well as of yet , i have not registered them because i was trying to get the number from the breeder ,but i cant get ahold of her , which is no surprise, but my vet told me to send her a certified letter that way we know she got it, plus im worried my kittens might be sick , in which i wont be breeding them anyways,a guy i spoke to that baught a shpynx from her, has feline herpes which is what im worried they have ,i dont even know how she got her health certificates because when she took them in to get them , the kittens were already sick, which she stated on their health forms, but in her ad she says health guarantied so i dont know if that will help me or not, but also if i have to give them back i will be heart broken as we got attached to them immediatly, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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As much as I hate to say this ... you may not have actually ~purchased~ breeding rights with your cats. You will have to refresh my memory, but wasn't it the case that when you purchased these two cats, you had no Sales Agreement or Contract in writing with the breeder or am I mistaken about that? And from looking back at your other thread regarding these cats, it seems you paid around $650 each for them - that sounds like a pet price to me, not a breeding cat price. I will admit I know nothing of the Cornish Rex cats nor do I know how their breeders go along with their affairs, but in the Siamese cat world, that price doesn't add up to a breeding quality cat unless you are VERY VERY chummy with the breeder.

If you do have such a written agreement, check it carefully to see whether or not there is a spay/neuter clause - if you don't have a written agreement, even if she told you verbally that you would be allowed to breed them, at this point that conversation won't mean anything to you unless the breeder is a person of her word. If your agreement with her is verbal, then there is nothing to stop her from saying you didn't purchase breeding rights and she doesn't have to give you the PIN number unless you can somehow prove she sold you the cats with breeding rights.

This really has been quite the ordeal for you, hasn't it? One would hope that things could go along better than this and I am sorry you have had such a time. I think it is premature to be even considering giving the cats back to her - you've bonded with them now and I would hope you would keep them as your beloved companions once they have been altered.
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when i purchased these cats , she said she didnt give contracts, but i did request a written statement from her on the breeding rights , and i know the price is pretty low , she was trying to reduce her cattery so she lowered the price drasticly , i never recived the written statement from her as no surprise to me , so i think im stuck, and as far as sending them back , ithe reason i would send them back is because if they have feline herpes it is very contagious and i have to many other cats that could catch it, but no i dont want to send them back we are very attached to them already and it will be a very hard thing to do, i also contacted the CFA and there going to send her a letter in my behalf so hopefully something will help , this whole thing has been such a mess, But i guess you learn from your mistakes because i will never get a cat from out of state without going and picking it up myself so i can see where it came from and the conditions of the cattery. thanks for all the help.
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