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San Diego Zoo must-see

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For those of you who are near (or coming near) San Diego, you MUST check out Lion Camp and The Cheetah Run Safari.

Info on both can be found at http://www.sandiegozoo.org

Lion camp is a display housing 6 young lions (1.5 years old). Depending on where they are resting/playing, you might find yourself seperated from them by only an inch of glass, or 10 feet of open air. You can see them play like young cats do instead of sleeping like you'd see with older lions

The Cheetah run puts you about 6 feet away from a cheetah chasing a dog-racing lure at up to 60 mph! Afterwards you get in a circle around the animal for a meet-and-greet with the trainer, and if everyone is quiet enough you can hear him purr... (it sounded kind of like a distant engine with a rough idle... rrrrRRRrrr rrrrRRRRrrrr rrrrRRRRrrrrr)

both exhibits are AMAZING. The cheetah run costs, but is worth every penny IMHO.
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I just like Godzilla!
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OMG, I would LOVE to hear a cheetah purr!! That would be so awesome!!
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
I just like Godzilla!
Thank you! although now that you've said that, I realized I got the pictures in the wrong order... it's hear/see/say... not the other way around in reverse... ;-)
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The SD Zoo is awesome! My husband and I need to renew our membership because we haven't been able to see this yet! I was just talking to a friend yesterday who raved about the Cheetah Run. She said the tiny baby cheetahs (brother and sister) are something like 6 days old...starting to open their eyes.
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