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Please help, kitten with a head tilt, brain problem?.....

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I just picked up my new odd eyed white Devon Rex kitten Saturday, he is about 4 months old. The breeder told me there was one that had started tilting his head within the last week or so. She brought him to the vet and they couldn't find anything wrong with his ears. Of course this is the one I fell for and took home. He almost always has his head tilted to his right side. I brought him to my vet today and she too found nothing wrong with his ears, she even looked down the ear canal with a scope. She did some other tests and found him to be a little weeker on his left side. The situation looks complex after ruling ear problems out. Brain tumor, neurological problems, maybe fluid behind the ear drum, the list goes on. I am upset by the whole thing. We are at a loss at this point and will have to wait it out to see if his condition worsens or gets better. The breeder is very well respected and reputable, she is willing to due whatever she can to accommodate me. The only other thing I have noticed with him is a slight eyelid flutter (in both eyes), and it is very slight. Sometimes he shakes his head or scratches at his right side. My vet is going to contact some neurologists and see if we can rule anything out. Have any of you heard or seen of anything like this with a young kitten? Any help or insite appreciated.
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Feline vestibular disease is a good place to begin your research. Talk with your vet about the possibility of this being the case with your baby.

Best of luck, and please, let us know how it goes?
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Hi Gayef,
It's Kerri, with Enzo (who is well) my other Devon who we had a VAS scare with when he was a kitten. You helped me with that situation. (Yep, I know I seem to have bad luck with my cats)

With vestibular disease, wouldn't there be other big signs as well as just a head tilt and slight eye flutter? Like Horner's Syndrome? Could a cat only be showing a couple of signs? This is why my vet seems to think it's not vestibular disease, she said he would be showing more symptoms.

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Hi Kerri! It is good to hear Enzo is now doing well!

I dunno - I don't think that a mild case of Vestibular Disorder (almost abbreviated it VD *grin*) can be specifically ruled out here. I think there are varying degrees of severity with it and that it should not be out of the question.

I am highly interested in what your vet has to say about this though ... you will keep me updated?

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I sure will keep you updated. The reason I posted in this section is that I hoped that breeders like you may have had experience with something like this. I just went to pick him up a while ago and when I put him to my shoulders and his paws hit my shoulders, he jumped, like it scared him. I don't it's strange, thanks for the suggestions and help,
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