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I just saw Shrek for the first time

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So I am a little behind the times, but I sure did love it! It was just never in at the video store when I went there, although they guaranteed it in stock.
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It's been a long time since I laughed like I did while watching that movie. We just watched it two weekends ago.
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Ken, Kylee and I watched it a few weeks ago and laughed our butts off. That was a great movie for everyone!!
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I can't wait to rent it. One of these weekends when my daughter is with me. I need a good laugh.
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I absolutely LOVED that movie...especially the little donkey.
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I laughed so much i was crying sometimes during Shrek, they should bottle some of that and sell it as a tonic

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That was such a cool film!!! I really didn't want to see it at all - thought it wasn't my kind of thing....but my friends insisted I watch it with them and I laughed my butt off!! Im gonna have to buy it....
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The three of us went to see Shrek at the drive-in, coupled with Dr. Doolittle 2. Now given that I am crazy for well-done animation (laughed to tears over Chicken Run), I was looking forward to Shrek. Alas, even our 9 y.o. son wasn't very taken by it. Actually, none of us were. It wasn't a bad film, but somehow, I failed to find it as uproariously funny as I expected and had heard. It had its moments, yes, but...

Anyway, I'm glad everyone else enjoyed it!

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Oh well Bill, never mind.... I think it has alot to do with our expectations of films, like I didn't want to see it at all and thouht it was gonna be crappy, but I was surprised!! Whereas I was soooo excited about seeing a film called "Jeepers Creepers" and thought it was going to be soooo good - I was TOTALLY disappointed....it was not up to my expectations at all!! Don't you just hate it when that happens?!! DOH!!!
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I totally agree, i had no idea what to expect from Shrek, and did not expect too much, and it was by far my fav movie this year.

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Shrek was very cool
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I loved Shrek, and so did my kids, especially my daughter who's 5. I thought it was really good, but I don't get out much anymore. I also loved The Emperor's New Groove (my daughter calls it the Llama Movie). My husband took Adam to Monsters Inc this last weekend, and he says that's really good too. Seems we only see cartoons anymore...
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Oh Dawn can I come with you next time you go to see a cartoon film?!! My hubby won't take me to the cinema to see a cartoon!! He says we have to wait till it comes out on video....Booooooring..... ha ha ha ha
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We just saw it this weekend for the first time also and we loved it! We'll definitely be buying the DVD.
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I watched it reacently for the first time too and I'm a kid.
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