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the fight to get our senior cats used to Chester continues. They don't mind him, as long as he isn't bouncing about and chasing after him. Which of course, is his favourite thing to do in the ENTIRE world.
In general, I'm not worried, as they haven't hurt each other, and he's learning that the girls don't want to play. It's our very small girl, shadow that I'm worried about. She's smaller than him at this point, and being about 13 isn't moving as fast as she might have a few years ago. Chester has some kitty slippers of mine that he plays with often, carring them about the house, and attacking them at random. He's taken to attacking her the same way (playfully). We're worried that she's not able to move fast enough to defend herself, and he's possibly being too rough with her because he's used to playing with objects instead of other kitties.
Getting a fourth cat isn't an option right now, and we spend a lot of time playing with him and making sure they all feel loved, but we don't want shadow to get hurt by his over enthuastic playing. For the moment, we correct him verbally and seperate the two of them (she's skiddish and if we don't she'll hide for hours). It just doesn't feel like a perminent solution.