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To bathe or not to bathe?

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Rudy found the inside of the fireplace today, luckily there was no fire going!
The screen was closed, but he pushed through it and is now covered in soot!

He's so little I don't really want to give him a bath, but he really needs one!

I have a large tub of baby wipes, do you think that will get the soot off him?

If not, whats the best way to bathe him? I've only given a cat a bath once...not a fun thing. (and yes, I've seen all the "joke" methods)

(He looks so cute though, little black spots all over his white fur!
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Start cylcling a dry towel in your dryer, using your kitchen sink, put a bucket in your sink, and put enough warm water in it so you can set kitty's hindquarters down into it. The bucket serves two purposes, it makes it so the cat can't escape, and with the sides enclosed it keeps kitty warm. Before you bathe kitty take the towel out of the dryer (it should be toasty warm) and put it somewhere to keep it warm. I stick mine in the microwave but don't turn the power on. Then take kitty and place him in the water, bathe him quickly and gently, if you do a vinegar and warm water rinse, you will kill off fleas and flea eggs. Have a reserve of towels nearby to dry him off, once he is as dry as possible, cuddle him up in the warmed towel and hold him closely till he stops shivering. Don't get inside his ears wet and clip his nails before you start. Good luck!
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I tried the baby wipes...didn't get him clean, just smeared it and made him mad!

I never thought to put him in a bucket, but I saw you post on that in the Muddy Bailey thread...good idea!

Well, here we go!
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ok, getting things ready...what amounts vinegar/water?
May as well do it all the way if I'm going to do it at all! :laughing:
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to a cup of warm water for the babies. It won't hurt them if you use more vinegar, it just makes them smell like a tossed salad! Make sure you have plenty of towels nearby and go for it girl!
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Thats great advice. My guy Simon has white paws and is not so great at keeping them clean. They look sort of grayish all the time and I've been wanting to give him a quick bath to whiten him up a bit. I think I'll give this a try tonight. Thanks Hissy!:tounge2:
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Ok, all set...3 towels in dryer, rinse ready, tub full...and gloves on!

Wish me luck...see ya later!

(wish I had a helper to take pics! :LOL: )
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The bath went well!

He was kinda dazed at first, then tried to climb out, then calmed down and just let me go at it!

He's now all clean and white again, and smells of a cross of shampoo and vinegar! :LOL: Not bad really, kind of pleasant.

While I had the bucket ready, I got brave and bathed Lily and Cagney too! Lily did great, tried to climb out at first, then just sat down and gave me "the Look".

Cagney hated life, growled, and tried to climb out constantly...but I won and made it through with no wounds!

Ahhh... a house full of clean kitties...now I need a shower too! :LOL:
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Glad the little guy didn't have a traumatic bathtime.... Pretty soon he will be like my Bacardi and join you in the shower...lol
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