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Claire's back

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Remember the sweet little cat we adopted out in March whose situation I had such a bad feeling about? Despite reports that things were working out, the family returned Claire this weekend. They abruptly decided to move to North Carolina without the cat. They gave us very little notice, just called on Sat. and said they'd be dropping Claire off the next day. I know peoples' circumstances change, but where is the committment level here? The husband even had the nerve to ask for the adoption fee back. What a jerk!
Sorry, but this has me fuming!

Please send good thoughts that we can find Claire a loving, permanent home.
She's solid white, abolutely beautiful and very gentle, just a little on the shy side (understandable under the circumstances). When I left for work this morning, she was hiding in the closet of my spare bedroom under a comforter. She did purr and let me pet her. I'd love to keep her myself, but can't have another cat in my apartment.

Lesson learned on this adoption: don't judge people, but trust your instincts!
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I'm sorry I can't help you, but just wanted to say I hope you find Claire a wonderful home - she deserves it.

Yes, I think our instincts are usually pretty good. I'm just glad you got Claire back from these horrible people.
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Thank goodness they at least had the sense to bring her back to you, not hand her on to unknown people, or worse, abandon her. Good luck with finding her a new home.
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Just had a call from a friend who knows someone that is looking for a cat. She had male ct, but he was let outside and hit by a car. Also, he'd never been neutered. I'm inclined to pass on this (going with that gut feeling). Just can't send Claire into a situation like that after all that has happened. At the same time, don't want to be too picky and pass on a good home. Don't think this is it though!
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Aww, poor Claire!

I'd go with the insticnt on this second home too - doesn't sound good to me either!
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Well, you were right about those people. I can say that!

But at least they had the decency to return her to you instead of doing something stupid with her. Better luck second time around for Miss Claire!
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