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Eek - Getting older sucks!

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Is it just me or does anyone out there feel as badly as I do after a night of partying/drinking? We had a housewarming party on Saturday night and it went really well...had lots of food and drinks. We had about 20 friends over and one bunch stayed until 4am...4 in the morning!!! I just could not get out of bed yesterday...and I even got sick! I guess it's because we just don't drink like we use to...but I tell you I just can't handle it like I did in my twenties. Anybody else feel like this? Right now, I feel like I never want to drink again...EVER!!!
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lol, well i feel even older! although im 18, i hate it when people stay untill 4 am i mean... just go to bed already?
For my bf's birthday, the guests ended up argueeing with their bf's and they stayed untill 6:30 am! i went to bed at 4:30 i just didnt care anymore about them.
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I can't drink like I used to be able too, I hate the hangovers now and hardly drink anymore, when I do I know my limit which is ' merry' and that's when I call it a day... I've had my fair share of room spinning, and not knowing how I got home in my younger days lol, in my 30's im happy with merry!
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Yeah, I hear ya there...and I usually try to just stay merry but I forgot to eat all day while cleaning, cooking and getting ready for the party...and I think that's what did me in. I didn't even feel that drunk at the end of the party...but I guess my body was and told me that yesterday. [sigh] to be 25 again...

never again...I have learned my lesson.
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I'm with ya sister.

I'm 33 and I just cannot do what I used to do how I used to do it. The last time I partied hard was St. Pat's night. I didn't get home until 5 in the morning. The following day, my head felt like someone had taken a truck and rolled over it, then rolled back, then rolled over again, and then parked the truck right square in the center of my forehead.

I didn't get sick, but I wish I would have, cuz inbetween doing shots of Irish whiskey, drinking Guinness like it was water, and drinking Amaretto Sours just so I could get the cherry garnish cuz I was hungry? My stomach was on REVOLT!

I also shake really bad when I drink now, I think it has something to do with blood sugar? I mean shake outta control. If I don't get food I may as well hit the ER.

I never used to shake like that... so I make sure I have munchies nearby!
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I have never liked to drink heavily anyway but after having 4 kids, half of any drink makes me flushed and goofy...that is fine with me...people say I look no where near my age...I will take that!
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I hear you!!! I'm lucky if I can stay awake until 10 pm at night!! I enjoy a few beverages but I know my limit and not to mix wine/beer/hard liquor.
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I cannot keep myself awake if I am outside with my friend after midnight, regardless if I drink a not. I will kept thinking of going home to sleep. However, I will be surfing on the internet until 4am at home.

I enjoy the peace in my own house now. I think I am getting old.
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Saturday, I was pooped out, after the twins' birthday party. Its REALLY bad, when a two-year-old's party wipes you out. I didn't drink anything stronger than Pepsi, got home a little after five p.m. and passed out on the family room sofa.

In my defense, I HAD been up since 4 a.m., worked 3/4 of my shift and drove 30 miles, each way, to get to and from the party.
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