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Why do they make it so hard to make the bed?

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I didn't have the to move her. Would you???

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This is why I don't make my bed! Not worth the hassle......
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The bed is not yours, it's Petals. You are only allowed to make her bed when she wants it done.
She is such a pretty girl. I always love seeing her pictures.
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She is soo pretty!!! Rocky likes to help me by jumping in under the sheets while I fan them across the bed, but he needs a little more practice at it... aren't the cute?!
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Yep, I don't make the bed either - my cats prefer the covers in "lumps". Makes for better snoozing.
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Aww, Petals likes it just as it is!! What a cutie!!!
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I have been known to make the cat up in the bed , if he wasn't predisposed to move. He'd stand it for about 3 minutes, then find a way out and "Mrrrrrtttt?" at me like "What happened?" before flopping on top of the covers.
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I could move her, I just want to rub her tummy!
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... Lol Susie, you need a "Bulldozer" to move her!!!, aaaawwwww but with that look who can resist to move her!!!!...
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Petals is so cute. I couldn't move her. Just as I couldn't move my Inca on Sunday when he was snoozing on the bed and I couldn't put the sheets back on.
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Naughty Petals, making things to hard for your Meowmy!
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Like us other meowmies, you, too must master the art of "making the bed around the kits" Petals, you are too precious! Cosette says she hopes to grow up to be as pretty as you!
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Petals is comfortably adorable!
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It's all in the Cat Handbook, page 6. All cats have this manual memorized.
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Nope! I'd leave her alone.
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I couldn't move her either. Just look at that face... how could you?!!
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Originally Posted by xocats
The bed is not yours, it's Petals.
Yeah, Susie. We thought you knew that already!
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She looks so pretty, I don't think I could move her either. She looks comfy.
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Making the bed is just a game to them. You toss the covers on top of them, tuck in the sides and watch them all start to play.

She has that look of "no mom, don't move me please - I'm too comfortable right now!"

Just resign yourself to messy sheets - it will save so much worry on your part! LOL
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aw! Petals you are such a doll! I wouldn't have had the heart to move her, either!
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She is so cute!! I couldn't move her, either. Kitties love human beds! They seem to think the bed is for them, and we just keep it warm at night. lol
Zoe likes to wait until the bed is made and then mess up the covers.
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Awww! Petals!
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LOLOL, you guys are no help. Your siding with her!
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Yep, she's prettier...
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Yep, she's prettier...

Than me??

Sad thing is, your right Jan.
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Awwww Petals

There have been so many times when I am trying to make the bed that I have just given up! lol
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Awwwwww i would have to leave her as well until she was ready to shift
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