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Well i trapped "kitty" in nov 04 and he's coming along.He lets me pet him and loves to play.But still cannot hold him. Anyway he has had worms ever since i got him. Has had Drontal twice and now was given Pyrantel. Has anyone used it? Is it better than Drontal?. I know it paralysis the worm . Whats the benefit of that over killing them? Maybe they ALL get paralyzed whereas the other kills "some". Will I ever get rid of the worms? Its funny the cat seems almost instantly happy after he gets the pill and his coat looks so much better.
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It really depends on which worm they are treating, and the intervals in which it was given. Could you give a little more info?
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Roundworms. When i first started befriending him he vomited bigger worms now they are very little.Its been almost 5 months now. He was a stray/feral and is only about 2 years old maybe less.
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When treating roundworm, the dewormer should be given once, and then 10 days later with a follow up dose. If the problem reoccurs, you can dose them 3 times 10 days apart. Pyrantel should do the trick if you follow that protocol.
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Keep litter boxes super clean as they can re infect themselves if they step in a mess and clean it off their feet. Bleaching the litter box will help kill eggs as well.
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