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I wondered if anyone could help?
My male kitten is a year old and he has been spade.
A few times now i have caught the neighbours cat on my kittens back as though he is trying to mate with him.
I have also caught other cats on top of my neighbours cat in the same position.
He is also a male.
Whats going on????
CAn anyone explain this to me.
Thank you
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Has your neighbours male been desexed?

BTW, male cats get neutered and female cats get spayed.
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It's an animla kingdom and animals do weird things for dominancy...it happens, it is natural
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Yeah, don't try to assign human behavior to what the cats are doing.

Right now they are figuring out who is the "top cat", so to speak. It's not any sexual connotation -- but if you put down feed bowls, one cat always gets to eat first. If you have a cat tree, one cat gets the highest perch. They are sorting out where each of them stand in the social hierarchy.
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