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Thank you, Susan (Rosiemac)!

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When Susan learned of my daily tea ritual, she was soooo sweet to send me my very own Fine Bone China Cup! Sierra has loved on it in approval! She also sent her favorite Earl Gray Tea and chocolate bisquits! My new cup is so beautiful! Susan also purchased a cup for herself, so we can now enjoy tea together! Tea is so much more delicious from such a lovely China Cup shared with a friend! Thank you so much, Susan!

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Wow that is really nice Steph! Those cookies will be good too, but don't overdo it... they say "digestive" cookies on the side.
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Wow... Very niice pressie Steph... Susan is very nice to give you something like that
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You are so right Stephanie a cup of tea out of a china cup and having a cuppa with a friend, cant beat it . Lovely present Susan.
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Wow - what a neat gift!
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Oh they've arrived in one piece!!

So pleased you like them Stephanie, and i've got a cup here now with my toast
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aww thats lovely

i just have to mention that Mc vites are delicious!
So lucky that they dont sell them here, or else do you know how many kgz i'd put on now??
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Awww Steph, that was very nice of Susan. She's a sweetheart, isn't she?
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She certainly is a sweetheart!
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Great prezzie, Steph! A friend of mine went to England and brought me back a proper cup and saucer. I always feel very special when I use it
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What a great surprise!!
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Nice gift Steph!
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Awww lovely gift Stephanie. I know we've talked about this, but you're right - nothing beats the taste of tea from a white china cup. Susan has a great choice in biscuits too - McVities mmmmm yummy
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What a sweet gift. I just LOVE Earl Grey Tea. It's yummy. I like to add milk and sugar to it.
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That's a lovely gift!
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What a wonderful gift, Susan! You're so thoughtful and sweet! I couldn't think of a more deserving person than Stephanie to recieve a gift that nice!!

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Yeah Sthephanie that was a lovely gift!, is precious!!!
Now we see that Susan has an Exquisite taste on cups! well done Chick
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You guys are all so great to one another! That is why I love it here.
You are so sweeeeet, Rosiemac
Nice of you to send stuff over from across the pond.
You can't even get McVitie's here I don't think.
If only they had Twiglets! sigh....
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That's a lovely gift!! How very sweet of you, Susan! And how wonderful for you, Steph!
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That's pretty, lovely gift.
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Originally Posted by captiva
Great prezzie, Steph! A friend of mine went to England and brought me back a proper cup and saucer. I always feel very special when I use it

Me too, except when I broke it. Being so true to my American-ness I wasn't used to the saucer underneath and just let it go improper.

Stephanie that is a great mug - as Fran says Covet Covet Covet!!!
Susan that was such a great thing to do, nothing beats gifts sent right from where you are, it's a thrill.
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Awww, Susan, you're soo sweet! That is a very lovely pressie... the cup is beautiful!! And great choice in tea! mmm Earl Grey! Enjoy your daily cuppa Stephanie!
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What a thoughtful and lovely gift! What a beautiful cup!
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Very nice Dawn! Very thoughtful Susan!

Hey Susan wanta learn any of my daily rituals?
(or address?)
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Mmmm chocolate digestives

Nice cup btw!
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Susan, that was such a thoughtful thing for you to do for Stephanie! A good friendship is one of the most beautiful things on earth!!!
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