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The waiting is KILLING me!

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I've been trying to figure out when Trixie is due and just can't do it. There's just no reliable way of finding out! We've had her just shy of 7 weeks. The vet figured she was pregnant when we got her as there hasn't been a heat at all. She looks much like she swallowed a beachball if you look down on her while she's standing. Yesterday she went under the couch and spent most of the day there....same thing today. of course she has absolutely no interest in the nesting boxes that are clean and away from the stream of traffic. Does hiding under the couch count as nesting? She hasn't done that since we first brought her home. If she is nesting, does that mean it's almost time?
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Nesting is a sign that they are close to giving birth. However some cats do this a few weeks before pregnancy. The waiting game is a killer that's for sure. All the best.
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Well, I figure if the vet is right about the pregnancy being pre-adoption, we have about 2 weeks left to wait. Trixie had an xray done April 14th and there were no skeletons visible (I think they show around day 45ish). Gosh, I don't think i was this impatient waiting for my own babies LOL
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I know how you feel. It sounds like it might be close, seeing as how you've had her for 7 weeks, which means she's 8-9 weeks along! YAY!
I had quite a few nice, clean nesting boxes for CJ, but she wanted to have them wherever my feet were. So, I put my feet in her nesting box! She went in there, dug around, laid there for a while, and then went under my computer desk. So, I started reading some online, and POP! Out came a kitten! She went from making me think she'd have them in the box, to the dirtiest place in my room! LOL! They sure can be tricky fellows!
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Before Shashawna had her kittens she was scratching around in her nesting box and every time I fixed the blankets for her she messed them up again... Shashawna was 2 days late with her kittens so the waiting game killed me... I just love the babies

Please keep us updated....it should be soon...
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