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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
What?!... no guns, knives or tasers? I am so disappointed in you all.
...:bump:...( very disappinted... .. )... I always thought in the hand bag of a woman we can find, a Granade, a Whip, a Uzi 9 mm, a Molotov Bomb... but I see that was a "gossip"... .. ...

Just kidding! ....
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I'm like Beth -- I gave up big bags because they just attract junk. now I carry a small bag, which contains...

Change purse
Fisherman's Friend
A few assorted receipts
Three sets of keys (office, home, car)
Cell phone

Credit Cards/Drivers Licence, folding money etc live in the wallet that holds my Palm, which lives in my pocket (it's my mind, you see ). Whenever possible, I carry only that and put phone and whatever keys I need in another pocket, and leave the purse at home.
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During the week I carry around a messenger bag to and from work. At the moment there is:

In the front:
bus pass
pack of gum
pack of Certs
tub of The Body Shop Cranberry lip balm
5 different Lip Smackers
roll on lip gloss
nail clippers
4 batteries
small container with Excederin and Advil LiquiGels
hair clips
a pen

In the main part:
a CD case that holds 24 CDs
my Discman
sunglasses case/sunglasses
small container of Tums
sample pack of Zantac
half a pack of Halls

In the back part:
bus schedule
bus map
a letter I keep forgetting to mail

Ok, looking at that list it appears I have a bit of a problem. I need to go to LGAA--Lip Gloss Addicts Anonymous!
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Wow I need a suitcase not just a handbag

2 ink pens
receipts from stores
zippered pouch
2 kinds of lip balm
1 lip gloss
compact powder
mascara comb
cell phone
extra battery for cell phone
cuticle nippers
the lock and key that goes to my handbag
mini brush
cigarettes and lighter

now for the most important stuff of all
Prydium Plus
Allergra D
Lorect Plus for the really bad times
Tylox for the really,really bad times
wintergreen lifesavers in the individual wrapped packages.

Whew no wonder my shoulder will hurt on occassions I think that is just about it. No wait there is a little bit more, on my last count there was close to $15 worth of change in the bottom, cause I am too lazy to clean out my bag.
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about 4 different shades of lipgloss
hair clip
IceBreakers gum
cable bill stub
2 pads
eyeglass wipes
cigarette coupons
(usually I have cigs & a lighter, but I am home, so they are elsewhere)
receipts from everywhere
business card from camera store
about 5 pounds of change
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Good God people!! This is hysterical! We are all such hoarders aren't we???

I'm having some trouble with gun permit thingy though...are you SERIOUS??? That is just so surreal and weird to me. The only time I ever carried or fired a gun was when I was in the Army, I just COULDN'T imagine having one to carry round just as a matter of course. Wow I am just staggered!!
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Let's see .. (rummages through stuff)

My wallet
Lancome Lipstick in "Perfect Plum"
Burt's Bees Lip balm
a pen
A small mirrored compact with loose powder
Some u-shaped hairpins, pony-ties, and an old hairstick "for emergency use only"
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I'm such a nosey person. I love reading these!
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I don't usually carry a purse or handbag around, but when I do, it contains makeup, a wallet/money, and my mom's cellphone.
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Right now I'm carrying a messenger bag. Let's see what's in it...

Discman w/ burned mix CD (I subway it when scootering is a no go)
Pink/black Redtango brand wallet w/ kitty on front! (inside are debit and credit cards, office ID, health card, business cards, library card, 2 ATM slips, about $20 cash, a speeding ticket bill paid today! )
Insurance wallet with drivers license, insurance slips, vehicle ownerships, motorcycle safety course card
Opened mail
Keys for house
Keys for Vespas
Key for mailbox
Tylenol 1 w/ Codeine
Chanel compact
Pink H&M mini hairbrush
Maybelline Blushing Diamonds lipstick
Chanel Allure sampler
38 cents and piece of a candy wrapper in the bottom

Good thing I just cleaned it yesterday, or I'd be here all evening!
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Okay here goes mine...

Some mail, pamplets, etc. that haven't found their way out of my purse yet.
My wallet, checkbook
My organizer
A pack of Trident gum... yikes, I need to buy some more
My ID badge from work
My cell phone
Solar Oil cuticle conditioner... which I never use cuz I can never find it
A Sephora glass nail file
Burt Bee's Cuticle Cream
Burt Bee's Lip Balm
A small pot of lotion
A pen
A USB port thingy
A bottle of pink nail polish
A foldable comb/mirror
My fave MAC lipgloss

Holy cow, no wonder I can never find anything!
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I have a large leather hand bag (not to mention a breifcase and a doctor bag that I rarely use - it stays is the car mostly, was a gift when I graduated from med school but it is so passé, lol) and just peeking I have:
cell phone
Pocket PC
Organizer - in the event the digital ones breaks down
Pediatric meds
acetemenophen w/ codeine
concert tix
Hotel size lotion
Small brush/mirror
Pencil eyeliner
House, office and post office keys
ID tag for hospital
IS tag for university
Pineapple lip balm
Fruit Loops cereal bar
Case for glasses
Pictures of my "baby" and my niece and nephew
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I don't carry a handbag. I just clip my cell on my pants and put my wallet in a pocket.
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I carry a back pack most of the time. Nothing much, just Jake's stuff.
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Originally Posted by Jazzy
I carry a back pack most of the time. Nothing much, just Jake's stuff.
JAZZY!!!! Yay!!!

I have been thinking about you lately and wondering where you have been. I miss all those great thread ideas of yours!
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The contents of my handbag change depending on what mood I am in!

I have a really small bag, but it is amazing what I can fit in it!!!

small umbrella
cigarettes ( )
mobile phone
door keys
travel card
chewing gum
face powder
face brush
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OH my god.... what do I have in my handbag? My whole life I think!! Ok right now... I have...

tv license
chewing gum (just found that in the pockets)
spare toothbrush
spare knee highs
new passport photographs
set of chopsticks (don't ask)
copy of this months Nat Geo magazine
the make-up I wore out to dinner on Saturday
mobile phone
spare pants and trousers and socks for my son
an unopened box of intense dark brown permanent hair dye - to hide the grey ones
appointment cards

oh... and a tiny bottle of Swann perfume...

I think that's it.... though there might be a sink lurking in the tardis somewhere.
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Wow, everyone loves the Burt's Bees stuff here...gotta get me some..

I have a small black courier type baggy thing..

lip gloss
2 lighters
33 cents change at the bottom
misc. candies that have misplaced their wrappers
3 pens
"A moveable feast" to read on the bus
Cat grass seeds
Fiery Furnaces burned CD
2 tampons
two tickets to a show I didn't go to

and a large flask of whiskey
(just checking to see if you all read this far lol)
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Wallet, medicines, band-aids ( for when I cut myself at work) Lip gloss, lots of loose change ( even though I have a wallet!) Body spray, mints,cell phone , ciggarettes ( I know!) a pen, hair clip.
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
Good God people!! This is hysterical! We are all such hoarders aren't we???

I'm having some trouble with gun permit thingy though...are you SERIOUS??? That is just so surreal and weird to me. The only time I ever carried or fired a gun was when I was in the Army, I just COULDN'T imagine having one to carry round just as a matter of course. Wow I am just staggered!!
Lol, Sarah, yup, I'm serious! But it's like this, I almost always have the store's money on me, especially at night when hub and I leave to go home. And granted, it is a small handgun, but quite efficient!
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
Nothing at the moment, I just took it all out to make this list!

heehee, now, let's see....

a pink Revlon makeup bag...with lipstick and blush
a red magnetic pincusion and pins
the keys to my Expedition
my wallet
a card that was sent to me
a small notebook with a cat on it
a Dollar General receipt
my address book
a bottle of Romance cologne
my Avandamet (blood sugar meds)
an herbal supplenment that helps lower blood sugar
a key ring with my house keys on it
another key ring with my store keys on it
a pack of sewing needles
a partial pack of Juicy Fruit gum
a prescription bottle with migraine meds in it
the kits laser pointer!
an empty peice of gum foil
a purple pen that I got from one of the drug reps
a bottle of moisture eyes eye drops
a pack of sunflower seeds
a tube of Avon hand cream
a small bottle of Aleve
a pack of Dentyne Fire gum
a bottle of GNC LeanBalance diet supplement
and $1.73 in loose change

Dear Lord~ what a mess of stuff! Now that its empty, I'm going to go throw it in the wash!!

Cind, do you carry a purse or a suitcase???

Well for me, I have:

credit cards
some cash
a change purse
2 pens
a little notebook
check book
a twinkie that's been calling my name.

That's it!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Cind, do you carry a purse or a suitcase???
LOL! Actually, its just a 12 1/2 x 13 1/2 canvas purse! And you missed the post about what else was in it last week before I cleaned it out!

But, to my credit, if I'm going shopping or something, I just take the key chain that has my car keys on it with me, it has a pouch for money and such, so I shop and go most places "light" . The purse only goes in with me to work and to church. Other times, its just in the car!
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Let me see if I can get this posted before my ISP cuts me off for taking too long to post! I carry a small purse - well packed according to the guy at the courthouse metal detector. Then there is the tote for other items not so necessary.

Outside pocket #1 -
Breath spray
mom's membership card to the lapidary society
Shopping list
bank receipt
Water bill stub
Lapidary Society 2005 budget - also serving as notepaper
another bank receipt
empty envelope serving as notepaper
another shopping list
newspaper bill
pic of great-nephew2 year calendar - with pic of kitty on front!
photo album - yes, with pics of Jasper

Outside pocket #2
emery board
another breath spray? i thought i lost that one!
Sharpie marker
another water bill recept
AAA receipt
phone bill
map of the mall we have our gem & mineral show at
note pad
7 bank recepts
note about last thanksgiving
Application for disabillity parking
Various fast food receipts
Louisiana Quarter

Zipper section #1
OTC pain med
Address book
grocery receipt
change purse
tissues in varying conditions
calligraphy marker
my previous change purse which now contains -
Lapidary Society name tag
travel size floss
nail clippers
ring with stone
ring without stone
refill for ink pen
pencil leads
keys to a closet at the lapidary society
And- when needed, my case made for toting tampons.

Zipper section #2 -
2 checkbooks
automatic pencil
2 ink pens
debit cards and credit card
driver's license and proof of insurance
business cards
another grocry receipt
library cards
extra key to the lapidary society

There is also a $2 bill in a snap pocket.
The key chain is attached to the price tag plastic thingy along with a hair barrette
My watch is attached to one handle
On the other handle is clipped a small nylon bag from a previous purse.
It has my ashtma inhaler and a set of key.

I refuse to even try and catalog what is in my tote bag...
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Wow Jan, you have Cindy beat!!!! LOL
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Hey, I have to be good at something.

I will admit to having cleaned out most of the receipts while doing this.
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