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6wks old and wont use box

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Hey everyone I have a kitten that is 6 weeks old and wont use the litter box. any suggestions on how to get him to use it.

Litter is clean
I put his poop in the box when there is a mistake
There are more than 1 box for him to use
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I am sure no expert but I found with my kitten that she was in too big an area so I had to keep her in a smaller space so she could get to the litter box in time. When she started to use it all the time I gave her a little more space slowly till now she has the whole house .Also after she had more space every now and then I would keep putting her in her litter box to remind her where it was. Hope this helps and I am sure others have even better advice.
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I agree, a 6 week old kitten is the equivalent of a child that is just learning about potty training, sometimes they forget or can't make it. Keep her in a smaller area with several litterbox's (depending on the size of the area), put her in it when she wakes up, finishes playing, eating, and drinking. I always start with them either in the bathroom or I have an X large airline kennel that works good too.
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At 6 weeks she is a baby and needs to be in a small area with a litter box. We have never needed several boxes...one is fine so she knows where that one is at and learns to go to it.

Kittens usually show signs when they are about to go potty, by meowing or searching in a different way....pick them up and put them into the box and give them lots of praise when this happens...if she tries to leave, put her back two or three times and most likely she will go potty.. An open sides crate or area where the rest of the family is, is a good choice to keep her in since socialization is just as important.

she is a baby..and babies need potty training
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Thanks all...I have moved the kittens into a smaller space. The only reason I have more than 1 box for the kittens is because there is 5 of them
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