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face shedding fur

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help! my cat blue is 2-3 years old. last time i took him to the vet they noticed there was a patch on his face that he had lost hair on but it looked like it was growing back, but they said to keep an eye on it. today i noticed the patch has gotten bigger and i'm scared for him! he also bit me twice today which is unusual. i'm taking him to the vet tomorrow but i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what it may be?
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Best guess? Ringworm. But the vet should have known that to see it.
Inflamed skin and infections often make a cat lose fur over the affected area. I had a cat who would get puss filled abcesses that I had to drain. Also, if the cat is indoor/outdoor, it might have gotten into a fight and have a small wound.
If he bit you, he might be in pain. I'd be feeling all around his body against his skin through the fur, seeing if I could pinpoint what is bothering him. Look closely at the bald spot, check for any flaking or wounds.
Another vet visit might be in order.
Devlyn & Crew
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Yep ringworm would be my guess too. One way to check is to hold a blacklite up to your cat on the face, belly, chin, neck, anywhere really. The ringworm fungus will glow under blacklite. Don't panic if you see a little bit of glowing at first, all the dust, dirt and food crumbs will glow too. The ringworm would be down on the skin though, not on the fur as much. Is there any flaky skin or bumps?
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well i just took blue to the vet. they said it could be a number of things, ringworm, bug bite, or maybe the antibiotic we've been feeding him splashed him on the face when we were trying to hold him down, which caused the loss of fur, and the reason it's been getting bigger is b/c he's been scratching it. who knows. so they took some fur to do a test, but the test results won't come back for another 14 days! is that normal? there are no flakes or bumps, just a little sore. i'm really worried that it is ringworm!! how did he get that? what is it? the word ringworm is just scary SCARY to me. anyway they gave me an ointment for ringworm just in case the results come back positive. everyone please cross your fingers for me!
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