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Nose color

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I have a question and it may be a stupid one but I was wondering what it means when my cat's nose was really really dark pink. And now it's back to its normal light pink color. Can anyone tell me what that meant? It was the dark pink up until yesterday and I recently moved him to a new home on Thursday. Could it have meant he was just stressed?
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My cats have pink noses. I read once why their noses turn deeper pink but can't remember. I would like to know too.
I hope someone answers your question that knows noses.
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I'd like to know too!
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I just found out that it could be stress or a fever. More than likely in my case, with moving and all, it's all the stress he's been through the past few days. He's starting to loosen up a bit and getting back to his normal self. Although he still hides at the slightest noise but it's better.
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Milo's nose does that all the time. When he's very relaxed it's a pale, pale pink and when he gets excited or is playing very intensely it gets to be much brighter and pinker. His paw pads are like this too. Could this be kind of the same thing as people turning red when doing strenuous activity?
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Frodo and Sam are pure white, with very pink noses and ears. When we run them around with the laser pointer, their noses, paws, and ears get SO much pinker! I think it's really cute. Must be from the increased blood flow to those parts due to the running around. That's my best guess.
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There used to be a piece of jewerly called a Mood Ring. I haven't seen one for years. It would change color because of the temp. of your finger. I think that we got lucky. Our pink nosed cats have Mood Noses.
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Originally Posted by xocats
There used to be a piece of jewerly called a Mood Ring. I haven't seen one for years. It would change color because of the temp. of your finger. I think that we got lucky. Our pink nosed cats have Mood Noses.
So true & so cute!!
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I also have a very pink nosed cat and I've noticed when she is sleeping or very relaxed it is light pink and when she is excited it gets deep pink. Sooooo cute!
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Jazzy have a pink nose too. I noticed that, when his nose is pale pink, either he is cold or stressed.
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Well, since our Oscars are so much alike why wouldn't their noses be any different? LOL!!
His nose is sometimes so pale it's almost white and other times it goes from light pink to dark pink. He's not stressed so I really think it's normal although it's strange. I just checked on him now while he's sleeping and it's light pink.
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If you enjoy pink noses...look in the Fur Pictures Only forum...there is a "Pink Noses" thread. Post pictures of your babies pink noses there.
There is also a "Black Noses: thread. They are all adorable noses on beautiful kitties.
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I agree with everyone who said it's due to stress or frustration. I just had my female cat spayed today and I was instructed by the vet nurse to keep her away from my other cats. So I chose to keep her in my bathroom...well she obviously hated that because she has been raising hell in there for hours. When I finally let her roam around the house, the first thing I noticed was her nose. It looked to be a fuchsia color!! Very dark pink. Maybe she is also sore from her incision on her tummy, causing more stress.

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I noticed this with my old cat Harley (RIP) (and then his nose got very very white when he got sick) but my new kitten is all black with a black nose, so I guess I'm going to miss out on this now lol.

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Hey! its because when they "work" ie exercise, the blood gets pumping and flows to those "pink bits".


For example, yesterday, i had a very down day, my kits nose was nearly white because he spent the day snoozing with me  - what a trooper!!!


Today, my husband was not at work and we were  ab;le to take him up to the woods for a full on two mile walk. A full on pink nose and paw pads. The blood pumping well. 


With a red or white cat,  i should imagine that this is normal.



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Cats don't have a lot of sweat glands so when they play the blood goes to their noses and foot pads to help cool them. If they have a light color nose, it will look much darker.

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