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What breed is this?

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Here is a picture of Hunter. He passed away in September of last year. I loved him dearly. My mom always said he was Tonkanese. He had a white chest and mittens on all four feet. So I assumed he was a snowshoe siamese. What do you all think he was?
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the face definitely reminds me of a siamese breed.. i just can't place it right now. A woman on here had a kitten's picture with that exact face
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He definitly looks like he has some siamese in him. What a beaut!
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We bred Siamese for years...it is very easy to get a siamese looking cat from a mixed litter. Your cat may not be a purebred anything, but he is a beautiful blue baby...I am so sorry you lost him
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I'm pretty sure he was a snowshoe siamese. He died of cardiomiopathy. I'm also pretty sure he was a pedigree. The people who owned him prior to me dropped him off at the shelter. I believe because they knew he had it. And didn't want to deal with it. He was showing signs when he was six months old. I just had no Idea at the time, and The vet at the shelter didn't notice he had a heart murmur at that time either. My moms friend breeds snowshoes. We didn't even know he had a heart murmur until about six months before he passed away.
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Very Pretty! It's a shame he had to pass away so young. May he rest in peace.
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Thank you. I loved him so much. I start to cry when I think of him. He was such a beautiful loving boy. His grave, (heart shaped head stone) is in my back yard. I've planted wild flowers around it and wild catnip grows there.
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