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mama kitty

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I wasnt for sure if I should start a whole new thread, but I'll just go with it...

Mama kitty is breathing heavily and panting now and then... Is this normal???

Its been about 4 hours since she gave birth to her last kitten...

She did eat well and is sleeping but her breathing rate and panting has me abit concerned..


the kitties are doing great though!
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Hang on to your hat, she could be having more

If she is a stray, she would have been mated with several times by different males. This can cause the delay in the arrival of the kittens
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No, she is not a stray... BUT, she did escape as soon as she went into heat and was gone for 5 days... Needless to say, I was actually surprised to see the litter ALL look so similar... I half expected a tortoise? colored kitty, as Ive seen one hangin around...

I dont feel anymore babies, but who knows? lol

So, the panting is ok, you think???

I have to leave for about an hour and a half... I'll be quicker if I can...

She just ate again, but still panting abit...

ok, gotsta go..

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