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When they catch Osama

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Do you think they should kill him on the spot? Bring him to justice to America or try him in another country under military law? Do you think he deserves the death penalty or life imprisonment?

CNN is doing a poll on this and I thought it might be interesting to see what everyone else feels about this subject. Me, I am for exacting justice on the spot, even though it would make him into a martyr for those who carry on his cause.
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Putting him to death would be too easy. I say put him in a cold prison for life. Make him suffer like we suffered!
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I think he ought to get a fair trial and then be taken out and SLOWLY put to death.

The trial, although just a formality, would would hamper the martyrdom a bit, and the SLOW death would be so he could have just a little taste of what those people o the airplanes felt, the people in the buildings felt and the thousands of other people that he has had some connection with thier deaths..

Oh, and it needs to be a military trial... WAY t many loopholes in the regular legal system.
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I say kill him on the spot, that way he doesn't somehow get away!!!! I don't think he deserves a trial, all those innocent people he had killed didn't get a chance to plea for their lives before they were put to death. Just my opinion. (besides, those idiots that follow him, will still consider him a martyr even if he has a fair trial before he is put to death)
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I say if he gets convicted ( which obviously he will ), he should get life in prison in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. I've heard of people that go crazy if they have solitary for a month, can you imagine 30 years of that???????????
Killing him would be too quick and easy for him, he needs to suffer. And big time.
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Hypnotize him into thinking he is a Tv evangelist and send him back there to "convert the heathens". Oh,and make him a real old fashioned "redneck".

I'm not all that sure he would be convicted in a court. I bet there are law firms all over the world drooling over the potential fees for getting him off. I will further bet there are major ones that have been making plans before the dust settled.
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Well, my opinion is not to give him life in prison. Why should the US or any other country pay for this man to have a roof over his head and 3 square meals a day??? Make him go through a sex change operation without any anesthesia, and then slowly drop is body in a vat of acid. Even that's not good enough.
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What happened to the Nazi war criminals? I think something comparable is probably in order.
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Donna- You're evil, mean, and nasty...I like it :LOL:
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Hmmmmmmm thats a tough one. I do believe that he would be a martyr if killed on the spot, or even after a formal military or otherwise trial. My vote is life in prison......not in solitary or protective custody, but out in general population. His life would be a very short one, and his death would be a very difficult one. But I think it is all a moot point, because I believe that he will commit suicide if he is about to be captured.
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I agree with Tiggeytoes, he should be made to suffer as he has made so many others suffer, but being the coward that he is, it'll probably never come to that.

I like the idea of seeing him in the general population in prison..there'd be no mercy there.
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I don't think I could decide rationally about this, and I'm sure glad that I don't have to. That would be too heavy a weight on my shoulders.
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I thought death was supposed to be the greatest thing for these people. Does it seem odd to anyone else that bin laden seems to be having an awful lot of other people getting dead while he is running and hiding with his family?
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I think they should shoot him and let Geraldo Rivera cover it for FOX News!
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I think if they put him on a boat, give him paper cuts all over his body, put a life raft around him, get a long rope to pull the life raft with his body tied to it so he can't get out, and chum for sharks would be nice....:laughing2...oooo...gross!

Just a sick thought...
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I can't be very rational about this. I don't think bin Loden should be put to death immediately because he has a lot of admirers who would then see him as a maryter who died for a good cause.

I think he should be brought to justice by the U.S. but have the trial in a different country, not here. During the trial he should be treated like the scum bag that he is. After the trial he should get life in prision in solitary(sp) confinment. He should be given nothing to do at all ever, except to hear insults, get spit on and kicked around, and made to watch vidoes of the kind of suffering his kind causes others all day, every day. He shouldn't be given any health consideration of any type. And also he should have no contact with anyone from the outside world ever again.
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Bin Laden should be executed and I think if he gets blown up would be the best. That would be what the people in NYC had to suffer. They should be able to identify him, though. I would hate to think we should wonder about him forever.
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