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Columbine Massacre Plot uncovered

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Thankfully they have stopped a plot by three high school kids in Massachusets where they were planning on a full on seige and massacre of the high school! Man, you would think after Sept. 11 this type of nonsense would end.
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Its the high school here in New Bedford. Its about 10 min from here, and I am just terrified by it. My son is in kindergarten here and I am so fearful. I know the chances are so slim of something bad happening,but when you hear of it so close to home........well, need I say more??? I was quite upset.
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that is awful! Does anyone have more details? I've only heard what I've read here on the site.
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Three teen-age boys to be arraigned in alleged school bomb plot
Half of students show up for class, principal says
November 26, 2001 Posted: 1:54 PM EST (1854 GMT)

NEW BEDFORD, Massachusetts (CNN) -- Three teen-age boys were scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Massachusetts courtrooms after allegedly plotting to kill students and faculty at the high school they attend.

Meanwhile, the high school was declared safe to open Monday after police with bomb-sniffing dogs swept the grounds over the weekend.

The principal estimated that only about half the student body showed up for classes.

Police and bomb-sniffing dogs spent Sunday searching the 3,300-student New Bedford High School and found no explosives, a police spokesman said.


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"I was a little nervous, but I trust the school," one student said Monday, referring to the weekend search.

Eric McKeehan, 17, and two 15-year-old freshmen allegedly modeled themselves after the two students who carried out the Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, Colorado, police said.

The three students were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and possession of ammunition.

McKeehan was being held on $10,000 cash bail. The two juvenile suspects were being held on $5,000 cash bail. Under Massachusetts law, juveniles are defined as being between the ages of 8 and 16.

The two 15-year-olds appeared before a juvenile court Monday, while McKeehan was to face an adult court later in the day.

The arrests came after an investigation that began when a student alerted police in mid-October. Police questioned one of the suspects after they discovered bomb-making materials at an undisclosed property the following week.

But New Bedford Police Chief Arthur Kelly said the bomb lacked key elements that would arm it, so police could not make an arrest, according to the AP.

The search of the high school was carried out after a janitor discovered a letter detailing a Columbine-like massacre, according to police.

Fifteen people died in the rampage at Columbine High School on April 20 1999, including the teen-age gunmen, who committed suicide. It was the nation's bloodiest school shooting.

The letter "explicitly outlined an event that would occur on a Monday," according to authorities. It said the attack would involve "explosives or the use of explosives, weapons and injuring or killing students and faculty," police said. Authorities also found photos of people posing with weapons.

Police held out the possibility of more arrests.

The search of six sections of the school was carried out by teams involving eight Massachusetts state police, 30 New Bedford police officers and five sniffer dogs, according to police.
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My God!

Whenever I see something like this, I wonder what could possibly inspire anyone, especially those so young, to want to do something like this?
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Oh my gosh! I am sure glad they stopped this in time!!! How horrible!! Can't these kids realize that America needs to pull together, and not turn on each other???? (not that it would be any better for them to do it, at ANY time,) but you would think they would think twice before causing America anymore pain. But I guess minds that are warped enough to EVER do something like this, aren't going to care what America or anybody else but themselves, are going through.
Daniela, I don't blame you for being so worried, that is awfully close to home, for you!!!
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Now everybody will do the "Poor misunderstood,blameless angels" routine with these little....punks. They will be gently slapped on the wrist..if that..given "community service" cleaning up lawns for 2 weeks and laugh their sick little asses off the whole time. I wonder which ones will be the future bin Laden or McVey? Sorry,but the "children" argument just doesn't cut it. In today's "connected" world these little monsters knew EXACTLY what they were doing. They also know they will get away with it and be considered COOL because of that.

Perhaps,just perhaps,they should be sentenced to spend every day for a solid year having to be in a busy ER and a morgue. Let them see up close what blood and pain are really like. Let their ears be filled with the crying victims and their families. THEN maybe we can get through to them.

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Amen Kittyfoot!!!!! I agree!!
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What burns my butt the most is how they portray these troublemakers as "good kids" who never did anything wrong. Good kids stay in school, do their homework, have tons of friends who stay out of trouble. I am disgusted by all the violence in schools and copycat crimes these days.

I'm very lucky to have a kid who is 25. She's never been in trouble in her life. At 16 she was diagnosed with brain cancer and missed a year of school, yet she managed to graduate with honors with her class. She's been in remission for 9 years (knock on wood). Never drank, smoke or did drugs. She is every parents dream in my eyes. But, I'm also very prejudice.
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Sadly, even the events of 9/11/01 are not enough to negate inattentive parenting, bullying, child/spouse abuse, etc.

Its not the music, its not the movies, its not the video games. Its parents not spending time with their kids because they're too caught up in their own excesses. (Purely my opinion)

We live in a country where bigger, better, faster, more is STILL not enough...a country of $80 mil. entertainment stars that make a fuss about giving $1 mil. to charity...a country where, within mere hours of this national tragedy, scumbags were charging $5/gal for gas and trying to sell "authentic" pieces of the WTC on Ebay...

I could go on, but won't as this isn't the time or place. I think you all get the idea.

How much further down this path must we go before we either sort it out or cease to exist?

(stepping down from his soapbox)
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Well said Bill.
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I saw the mother of one of the 15-year-olds on the Today Show. She really p*ssed me off! "Oh I don't think the boys would ever hurt anyone really" Gawd get out of denial lady! It's parents like you that allow this sort of thing to happen. Wonder how long it will be before they start pointing fingers at music or video games?

On another note, about a week ago I went looking for websites about the Columbine massacre. I found a really great site with loads of info. It also had sound files and the school's surveilance video. It was really creepy to watch. You could see explosions, and the boys with their guns shooting, and kids crawling on the floor (didn't see any death, though). It was so surreal.
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