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It's Spring?

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It's May 1. The grass is green, the trees are budding, the birds are singing. And it's snowing. ::censor::censor::censor:: It's been snowing for 4 days, off and on. No accumulations, it melts as soon as it hits the ground or it melts within an hour of getting a dusting on the ground.

Strange weather...
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I haven't even seen snow for about 6 or 8 years now! We've had a (so far, knock on wood) quiet spring. I dunno, if I lived in Denver, I'm not sure I would be too surprised. Probably this time next week though, you'll be having 80* weather !
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It's nearly winter here, it's pouring down with rain but I am sitting here on the computer with the front door open and I'm in my shorty Pj's. Strange weather indeed!
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Yes! Super strange weather! It's Spring and usually perfectly warm if not hot by now, but it's freezing! It's been raining for days, and instead of the air conditioner, I have on the heat! People are coming here for their scheduled vacation and leaving early or just canceling all together. Not beach weather at all! It's nice and quiet here, which I enjoy, but I miss the hot sun! Come back, Spring!
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May the 1st was a beautiful day 23 degrees and we spent the day in the park. 2nd day of May and its cold cold cold have the heater on pj's dressing gown and ugg boots, still it is winter here and I hope it will snow as I have never seen real snow even when I lived in Tasmania for 2 winters it didnt snow.
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In my garden the daffodils are out and the alpines are blooming. The orchard is in flower too. And I am looking out the window at snow-covered mountains. Yesterday we had a BBQ in the garden in T shirts and one of the guests had been skiing the day before just 20 minutes away! It is very strange.
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It just bombed into summer yesterday
Yesterday i went out with a skirt, i was dying to get into a swimming pool! it got to 30 degrees where i live, They showed on the news all these kids and adults at the swimming pools! i wish i was there!
not only that but on saturday it was about 12 degrees here...
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Well Heidi, your spring sounds better than mine. It's cold and rainy and just downright dreary here..........I need sunshine and at least 65F!!!
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Hello from Wisconsin. I had the fan in the window 2 weeks ago and now i have the humidifier back out and the heat turned back on. Where did spring go? a good question?
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This weather is really odd for us. Denver usually gets something like 360 days of sunshine per year. It has looked like Seattle for the past week, grey and gloomy. Not at all what we are used to.

Well, at least it's not just us. Sounds like strange weather all over!
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I've been running the AC at night for almost a month, with only a couple of evenings cool enough to keep the windows open. Give me back the fall/winter weather any day!!!
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Today the high is 43 degrees. Just a few weekends ago it was up in the 80's.


It's like 15 degrees below normal right now. No rain for a few days, or so Pinnochio oops I mean the Weatherman says...

Wouldn't that be an awesome job to have? A Weather Forecaster? I mean you get PAID TO LIE and you get to be on TV!

I bet it rains today, lookin awfully gloomy out...
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It's 45* in Morgantown. I guess Erie weather follows me everywhere!!!
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I hear ya-43 degrees???????????? But its going to (I hope) hit 70 by Saturday!!!
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We just had a brief snow shower here in Cleveland-summer, where are you?
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Its in the high 80s here. The front and back doors are open, every fan in the house is running and I'm wearing shorts and a tank top. We will probably hit our first 100, by the end of the month. The average for our "ice break" is May 16th.
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