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I just don't know what to do...

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My little fur baby Hobo (a long haired calico mongrel with one eye (lost in an accedent when she was a kitten, long since healed)) has been acting strange lately.

The biggest clue it to me is that she's gotten a heck of a lot more aggresive , not only with myself (taking out a chunk of my face when I hugged her this morning) but also with my other fur babies ( I have 3 others, Vagabond Lynn and Sonyia).

Now she's been eating ok, drinking ok, and using the litter box as far as I can tell, and she's been around the other cats and myself her entire life (well with the exception of the first couple of months).

But this morning when I rolled over to give her her usual morning hug she exploded on my face, riping a strip out of my lip, side of my face, and clawing a littleral strip out of my hand.

I don't know if there could be underlying issues, ir if it was just her freaking out because I startled her... but any input would be helpful.


~A worried Salem
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Hey hon, got a couple of questions for you, how old is she now, and has she been spayed?
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It's always a good rule when your cat is acting out to take the cat to the vet and find out if the cat is healthy. If you find out there is nothing wrong, then you look at the behavior. I would stop picking your cat up and hugging your cat, and also keep an eye on your wounds so they don't become infected.
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She's going on 3 years old and she is most definatly spayed... she was spayed when her eye was removed.
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Oh and I rarley pick her up Hissy, I just roll over and give her a hug first thing in the morning... She always sleeps with me. She has since I first got her. I'm guessing it's a comfort thing.
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Did you give her a hug on the side of her that she can't see out of? Strange to me that it would all of a sudden pop up but I immediately thought that maybe something startled her recently out of the side she couldn't see? Therefore, she is over compensating..>
I wish I could help but don't really know...Has anything else changed in her life recently?

Oh, and as Hissy said (who is brilliant), please take her to the vet first to rule out any health issues?
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