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Is 1 little guy OK?

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Hi everyone!

I am new to the forums here and after reading through I thought it might be a good place to post and get some answers...

I have a little guy named Scout who I love and adore. I took him in after a co-worker found him out in the cold last winter. He was about 6 or 7 weeks when she found him and took care of him until I was ready to take him in (which was at about 10 weeks). He is a very healthy, playful kitten - however at 6 1/2 months he is still biting and scratching at me when I try to pet him or will do random little attacks

I know that since he is a kitten he just has TONS of energy to burn off but his little attacks on my hands and feet are a bit painful. I do have lots of toys, including interactive ones, a scratching post and tons of balls and stuffed animals, even a little hiding house - but he is still rather aggressive.

I'm wondering if he needs a play buddy... the problem is, I currently have a studio apartment with a sleep loft, so I do not believe I have the proper space for 2 little ones, plus I am not sure if there is space to slowly introduce them... However I am also concerned that if I wait anohther year to get him a buddy it might be harder to introduce him to someone.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I love my special little man so much and I only want what is best for him!

Also - does anyone know how to post a picture of my little one when I post? I have seen many members with this and I would LOVE to show my little guy off!!
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I think he needs a little training, there are many good books on the subject of behavior modification for cats. Best to start ASAP on the nipping and biting thing. Getting another cat may divert attention somewhat but what if the new cat doesn't want to play or like the biting either?
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Yeah, if you don't stop the kitten from biting your hands and feet they will still think it is okay when they are an adult. Unfortunately sometimes that is easier said than done. I find that giving them a stuffed animal to attack sometimes diverts their attention (always keep an eye they don't rip off part and eat it of course).

There is something to be said for kittens in pairs though. I almost got just one cat but am now so glad I got two. When they are alone in the house I know they have each other to play with or cuddle, so they don't get too bored. And one more cat doesn't really take up too much more room than one. But you will be the best judge of how well it will work in your space.

I think there are explinations of how to link pictures here:
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I also have a studio apartment and I was a little concerned about the space issue. But I decided it was more important for Pixie to have some company when I wasn't home. Two cats really don't take up anymore space than one cat does and then you have the benefit of having 2 cute kitties.
As far as separating them for the intro period. I used my bathroom until I was sure they could be left alone together.
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I would suggest getting a buddy for your cat. You should be fine with 2 kitties in a studio apartment. I wouldn't go past that though cuz it might get a little stinky...

A happy cat with a friend sounds a little more of a concern right now then worring about space. You should be fine. Is the kitten neutered yet? I know some males become agressive when they are becoming mature and will start spraying soon too if not already.
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Hello All.
Thanks for all the replies.
Scout is a male, 7 monts, fixed, healthy and is up-to-date with all of his shots.
When he tried to play bite and scratch I usually do a quick blow on his face/head followed by a stern "No" which seems to kinda-sorta work He has gotten better with it since I first got him.
My studio apartment is 250 sq. feet with a sleep loft (welcome to Boston apartments) with a bath just big enough for a sink, toilet, shower and Scout's litter box and a kitchen with a sink area, stove, cubby area, fridge and of course Scout's eating area... Hope all this information helps in regard to thoughts and feedback
Thanks to all who have posted so far and the more replies the better.
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He either needs a friend or lots of alternatives to your digits. Some people make the mistake and play with their kittens b/c it seems so cute! However, as they get older, it is inappropriate behaviour - as it was earlier but did not hurt with the baby teeth.

The best solution is to offer lots of alteratives - dangling toys, fishy and mouse toys but preferably with someone on the other end. (But you want them to bite the toy, NOT you!)

Good luck!
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Thanks CyberKitten!
He has lots of interactive toys... The Bird, and replacement/switchout options, a play fishing reel to cast out a little mouse with a bell on it, on over the door bird hanger, a few other interactive toys, a mini house with a dangle toy and a crunchy-sounding tunnel, balls, little plastic bat around toys, paper balls (which he LOVES) and the lazer light, so we are all set in the toy department... however I always love learning about more great toys for my little one.
Thanks again for the feedback!!!
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Originally Posted by MyLilScout
When he tried to play bite and scratch I usually do a quick blow on his face/head followed by a stern "No" which seems to kinda-sorta work He has gotten better with it since I first got him.
Hope all this information helps in regard to thoughts and feedback
Thanks to all who have posted so far and the more replies the better.

When you say "blow" do you mean blowing air or a swat? Please don't hit him, he will interpret it as either play or aggression/negativity towards him and build up resentment which will make it snowball, the biting.

I do understand about Boston apartments! Some of my family is now scattered through the area (Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Belmont, and Hull) and pets are tough in a lot of areas due to space. I would say that Scout really needs some "light tussle time"....for example, Sasha here is 13 and he still "boxes" with Eric every day. I've been doing this since he was a young man! We put on puffy snow gloves and just let him go to town - he hisses, grunts, yelps, meows, screams, wails and fights pretty hard. He needs that outlet, and when it's over he is as docile as can be. He comes back into the room and nudges and puurrrs: game over. We do this almost every other day.
But everyone is different - hope it gives you ides! Scout also misses you and he's acting out - that is my very strong gut feeling. So a buddy might be nice similar in age.
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IMO, I would tell you to have 2 kitties. In the past, I have had one kitty at a time but just recently I got 2 kittens. They have so much fun together and I can tell they really enjoy each other's company. I cannot tell you how great it is to see them together. I can totally understand your concern for space, I lived in a place like that too and am still renting apartments so that makes it hard. But I seriously think you and Scout would be better if he had a playmate. I have never witnessed such companionship and love until now with my 2 kitties together.
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Oh no I would not hit my little guy!!! When I use the word "blow" I mean blowing a puff of air on him, followed by a stern no. I have read that this sometimes helps.

Someone also mentioned using my other hand to remove him from the arm is attacking, so I don't pull away on the one he has lunged onto to have him think I am playing his game... However when I try this method he just lunges onto the other arm, LOL

He is such a head strong, stubbern guy that he does really seem not to learn right from wrong, or at least he pretends that wrong My hope is that as he gets older he will calm himself, I guess it is a waiting game as I try to teach him right from wrong.

I would love another guy but where I live in a studio with a small bath, I don't have an area for the two to stay seperated while learning one anothers scents... Am I correct that this is the proper way to introduce two litttle ones? Is there another option?

Again, everyone's feedback and advice is great. This site is so wonderful
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